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As official as it gets.

Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



Hey, look what someone found: a video clip!


Did I mention this already? Probably not, I've been very, very busy. We got a new booking agent, and he's booking a tour, or maybe more than one tour but at least a tour and some shows, you know what I'm saying, that's what he's doing. His name's Christian and he works for Tough Guy booking. If you want us to play a show somewheres, send him an email!

That's all. Nothing more to report. Don't forget to come to Chicago on the 8th. I'll remind you again.


I'm getting a little shiftless. You know? I have nothing to report, but I'm getting antsy. Have you read the tour journal lately? I actually keep writing shit there, maybe you missed a few shows. It's not as packed as it could be, it'll get more packed this fall when we're actually on tour. I'll even write something in July when we go to Chicago. Okay? Is this enough to shut you up for a while?

Good God, it's springtime. I gotta sow some oats!


Hey! A rock show! We're playing a rock show! Remember how I was saying that all we do is go to Chicago to play private parties? Well those days are through, through!

We're playing on July 8th at the Double Door in Chicago. The Double Door! BALL-BASHER PARTY TIME at the Double Door on July 8th! Dig it! Who are we playing with? I dunno! .22, and maybe Ye Shinie Ghosties! Fucking poop! Isn't this exciting?

Got to go!


This site's sorta been up and down for the past little while. I think that may be its fate - I keep fucking with it, and it ends up going down for a while. Right now I'm convinced that it's going to be up for a long time uninterrupted, but that would be inconsistent, wouldn't it?

I got a friendly and presuasive email a few weeks back from someone who was pissed because I said so little about the Seattle show. I was going to write some stuff here to make up for it, but now I realize that I wrote a fair amount of crap in the tour journal section, so fuck it! I'll write something new.

You're all going to hate this, but it seems that at this point all we do is play private parties in Chicago. It's lunacy! But it's hard to be a 3-piece rock band with one piece living 2,000 miles away. I mean, it's not hard, it's just hard to do the things most rock bands do, like play shows and hang out at the cool clubs. We have no time for this sort of thing. But we're getting set up to tour in September, and we're going to try to get to just about everywhere between then and October - not straight through, but here and there, you know, sort of fit things in where we can.

What else? The new record looks & sounds swell. It's coming out in August. I've been telling you that for months now, I know. We're suing Captain Splendid and 12 other Silkworm fans who have our songs on Napster. Andy's doing it for a school project. Andy bough a Telecaster over ebay. He went to NYC to pick up the guitar & party with his big-city pals, and the guitar got stolen that night. That is tragic!

It's raining in Seattle but the temperature is just right. I am sick and hope to make it through to tomorrow. Thanks for sticking around.

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