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Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



Andy got into town last weekend. He's here for the big show, of course; we've been practicing nightly. Do you hear me? Practicing! We never practice, ever!

We're preparing for this weekend, for Saturday night, which promises to be a special night for all who attend. And let me tell you: if you're from out of town and are coming into town for this show, now I don't know if it's going to be crowded or not, but you might want to send me an email and let me know so I can reserve a ticket or tickets for you. Last time we played some kids crawled all the way from Spokane for the show and they had to sit in the rain and cry while we played. I don't want it to happen again!


Okay, the weekend, the long long weekend is over. All I can do now is remind you that we're playing on March 25th, that's a Saturday night, at the Crocodile Cafe, with Cobra Verde and the Joel R.L. Phelps Experience.

That's all! Now let me get some sleep!


Now I really don't know what's going on. I hope you all know by now not to trust anything I say regarding dates, places, or times that anything is ever happening because I don't know, I only guess. Goatsnake is playing at the Satyricon in Portland on Friday night. Goatsnake is playing at the Breakroom in Seattle on Saturday night. I dunno when they're playing at the Rendezvous... that's not true, I do. Assuming the Southern Lord website is accurate (do you trust them or me?), they're playing at the Rendezvous on Sunday. This is supposedly the night when everyone gets drunk. On a Sunday! These guys are NASTY!


You'd all better know that Goatsnake is playing in Portland this Friday, Seattle this Saturday and Sunday. Greg Anderson is in Goatsnake, and he used to be in Engine Kid, if you know what I'm getting at. Do you know what I'm getting at? Well I am getting at it, believe me.

They're playing at Tina's Movieola or something like that in Portland, and in Seattle they're playing the Rendezvous of all places on Saturday night and at the Breakroom for an all ages show on Sunday afternoon or early evening or something. Someone help me get my facts straight!

Anyhow, no news for us yet so I thought I'd let you know. We're still playing at the Crocodile on March 25th with Joel and Cobra Verde, so don't think we've shipped out just yet.

You will like the new album, which I promise you will be out before the Christmas rush.


We've finally decided to give you some serious entertainment, some serious bleeding-edge entertainment, by giving you some damned MP3s to listen to. Imagine!

I don't know if we'll ever put any studio recordings up in this format, because, really, I mean, come on, MP3s sound like shit. But these two recordings sounded so shitty to begin with, there's hardly a difference!

Thanks to Dave Liljengren of Pandemonium for hosting these things (I'm sure this site would crash in a heartbeat if I tried to host them). They are:

That's it! Eat this shit up!

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