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22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



Got to keep up with the action. Eric Bradford has let us know that the Bush/Andy Cohen show in Columbia, South Carolina is being broadcast live on the Internet tomorrow night, September 18th, at "8.45 central time, which is 9.45 eastern and 6.45 PST." It's all part of the "99X Big Day Out." They're broadcasting after "Live" and before "Marvelous." And they're showing video, too!

Here is the link:


Andy is playing guitar for Bush for a couple of weeks. It's true. He says that "Machine Head" is fun to play. I know it is hard to believe, but it's true. You had all better go to these radio-station-promotion shows and take lots of pictures.

Here are the tour dates:

9/17 Columbia SC Cap City Stadium (maybe not, if the hurricane's bad)
9/18 Atlanta GA Lakewood Amph
9/19 Charlotte NC Blockbuster Pav
9/21 Memphis TN Mid South Coliseum
9/23 Birmingham AL Oak Mountain
9/24 Augusta GA Ft Gordan Army Base
9/25 Wash DC RFK Stadium (Tim and I may go to this one, just to make sure he's not lying to us again)

There will be more about this later!


Shit! Andy is opening up for Joel Phelps and the Downer Trio at the Empty Bottle on Saturday! Boy did I forget to mention this!

That's the Empty Bottle on Western in Chicago. Andy's playing acoustic, Joel's playing electric. You should go there and say hello and tell Joel to let Andy lay down some hot licks on one of the rockers. Dig it! If I was in Chicago or thereabouts, I'd check it out!

Tim and Vickie are on their way home from Chicago - say hello if you see them at the truck stop. I'm back to work and it ain't so bad. I am indeed happy to be home. We did some recording and it sounds good, we're not quite done but we'll finish up soon enough. Go to Andy's show!

More news as it arrives.


Well, I said no more before the week was through. If you've been reading the tour journal you'll know that life has been good, life in Canada was good and things are well. Now we're in Chicago to record a bunch of songs - some of which some of you heard on the tour, others of which no one knows - and that's going well, too. Recording is enjoyable and we don't record like many bands, we generally just play our songs, roll the tape and leave it at that, but still it takes time, lots of time, and much of that time I spend sitting on my ass, which is growing larger after ten days in the van and another week on this or that couch.... I am falling apart! Physically! I am falling apart and my ass is growing larger and oh it is a tragedy!

No my ass is not so large. But I entered this studio on Sunday night and it is now Thursday night and I have yet to step outside. Days go by and it's suddenly 11:00 PM and I have not seen the sun. It's been a fine trip but I am prepared, I am truly prepared to make my way back home.

More about the trip when I get there.


Sorry for the blackout. There's been plenty of activity, or at least there's plenty of activity coming up. We're getting ready to plow through Canada with Shellac - I forget the name of the tour, it's the "Canadian Sponge" or the "Canadian Tractor-pull" tour or something. Andy's in town, he got in yesterday. He's dying to spoon me. Tim and I moved all our crap from my basement to his, and we set up last night and rocked out in a sort of test-the-new-neighborhood way. It's Sunday morning and a storm is brewing. It's an action-packed world!

The Silkworm/Shellac Canadian tour starts on Friday in Seattle. We're playing opposite Ministry, they're at the Paramount just down the street. The show is EARLY, it starts at SEVEN O'CLOCK so the club can get their disco show running on time. It should be a riotous time. The whole trip should be a hoot. I'm gonna try to get the tour-journal thing fixed in time so I can post updates for those concerned with our well-being.

We'll do some recording when we get to Chicago. It should go well now that the heat wave is over. I will have more to say before the week is through!

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