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As official as it gets.

Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005




Much of this site has been screwed up for quite a while, but most of the functionality has now been restored. How? Andy Lester, that's how. We owe him much thanks and a couple cases of Diet Coke for his assistance.

There may still be some hiccups, but in time the the whole shooting match should be back.

By the way, Libertine is now officially out of print. We will endeavor to reissue it one way or another, but our priority is the present and upcoming Bottomless Pit recordings, so it may be a bit.

Here's wishing the very best to you and this country in which many of us live. It's a nice day to be an American.




Comedy Minus One has released the CD version of the first Bottomless Pit album, titled Hammer of the Gods.

Please patronize them if you wish to own this album and do not have a turntable or a desire to acquire one.

Very, very best to you.



Two things:

New trailer for the Silkworm documentary here.

The first Bottomless Pit album is out and available from the band as one vinyl+CD package or from other sources as a download. Comedy Minus One will have a very nice CD-only release available relatively soon.



Well, here we are, on the 2nd anniversary of Michael's death. It seems that everyone I know has made it through these first couple of years, which is a relief to say the least. I wouldn't have put money on that happening. It's been tremendously difficult at times.

That said, a few positive things have, against all odds, come out of this awful circumstance. Most of the people I know look at their own lives a little differently (in a good way), and I find myself closer than ever to the people I love.

I have made a couple of tiny changes to the shop section. No more black L tees, and precious few of many other things. The physical shop has been reorganized in my new house--the order process should be much less laborious (many of you have been incredibly patient, and I apologize for the delays you have endured).

Anyway, I will fill orders much more quickly now, and I welcome any of them you send our way. I will be adding some special things in the coming months, just to see if anyone wants them.

I will update re the upcoming Bottomless Pit record in the next week.

Very best and much love to you all,



The final Silkworm record is a 6-song EP called Chokes.

It will be released to the general public on 6 Dec 2006, but you can order it now and get it in a couple weeks from 12XU Direct.

Listen to the first track--"Bar Ice"--here.

I would like to thank our good friends Gerard Cosloy and Steve Albini for their steadfast support and encouragement. Without Gerard and Steve, there's a good chance this record would never have come out.

The best thing on it is probably the last song, which is a live cover of Bob Dylan's "Spanish Harlem Incident," played by the Crust Brothers and sung by Mikey. That song was handpicked by him as his set piece for that show, and somehow that song defines him almost completely in my mind. It's a wonderful performance, and I am reminded every time I hear it of how profoundly and deeply I loved Michael.

Bottomless Pit music can be heard here.

The rather astounding 2CD Silkworm tribute record is, to the best of my knowledge, still available here.

Very best to you,


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