Andy, Tim, Michael

As official as it gets.

Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



I hope you like the fancy new look. I accidentally erased some funny shit trying to make this new look. I'll try to come up with some funny shit later to make up for it.

Oh - the message board works now. I don't know if anyone noticed, but it was fucked up for a while. Isn't it nice that I have this little project, and I can break things and fix them and stay busy? I feel like a retired couple.



I spent so much time on this website today. First I wrote in the tour journal, catching up. Then I wrote a whole bunch of shit on this page, many paragraphs, funny funny stuff. Then I started redesigning some shit. Then I got carried away I guess. Then I copied a new one of these files from one place to another, and when I did this I copied over all the new shit I wrote and I saw it as soon as it happened and I just moved on. But let me tell you. Let me tell you how sad I am. One of the things I said in what I wrote was how lousy my memory is, and that if I didn't write all this shit down it'd be like it never happened. So when I lose it, oh, it's like losing a whole piece of my life. It's late and I'm feeling a little melodramatic but boy what a bummer. I'm sure it's happened to you and it's happened worse but what a nasty ....

Okay, enough of that. I've changed things, I'll keep at it. Read the tour journal for new stuff! I'll write some real shit here after I've calmed down some.


Sorry everyone! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Oops! I had some problems with my server! Ha ha! Sorry about that! Hopefully next time I have any troubles it won't take six weeks to fix it.

Everything's not working just yet. There's no message board. I'll try to have it up by the end of the day, or the weekend, or in a few weeks. I'll do my best, I really will, to keep everything moving smoothly.

Now leave me alone! I'll write more later, for now I'm going to give myself a congratulatory champagne bubble-bath.


I haven't updated this thing in ages! I'm a dork!

We're playing at the Lounge Axe next week - on the 17th! Friday! And the Lounge Axe is closing soon, moving that is if all works out well, so you should all go. The Lounge Axe is located in Chicago at 2438 North Lincoln Avenue. And for those of you saying to yourselves, "fuck that shit! These guys practice about twice a year! They're gonna suck shit! I'm stayin' in Muskegon!" - fear not. Tim and I are going to practice on Saturday. And later, in Chicago, we're going to practice with Andy. And we're all going to listen to the records so we remember how the songs go. Be proud of us! We'll be great, I tell you!

We'll also be finishing up the new record - tentatively called "my erection is the antichrist" - while we're in Chicago. It will be better than biting the balls off of adolescent sheep, which is what I currently do for a living. Anyhow, is there news? Really? News? Is there? Is there any news? I'm sure there is. Oh! I went to Chicago for a big ball-biting seminar a couple weeks ago. It was a hoot, I hung out with Andy and Jon Lee, who's now in Seam. We'll be touring with Seam, a Vancouver-Seattle-Portland tour, in January. That will be a real hot-rocket fun-fest. It will! Stop fucking with me!

Don't forget to come to the Chicago show. You always forget, and it always pisses me off. Oh! And don't forget to come to the damned Milwaukee show, either! It's on Saturday night. I'll find out where (I thought it was at the L'il Poodle-Humper, but I think I was wrong) and let you know.

Do not forget it.



It's been quite a few days and this site has not gone down. Have you noticed? It's an exciting development.

That's about the only exciting development, though. I'm going to Chicago on Friday for reasons other than to rock, though I'll probably do some rockin' while I'm in town. Either rockin' or drinkin'. I'll be back in Seattle just in time to see Jimmy Hoffa throw a flaming Bill Gates off the Space Needle - in fact, I may be able to see it from the plane. I'll bring a camera, just in case.

No news!

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