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22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



If you can believe it - and I know you can - we, Silkworm, are playing a rock show!

Schuba's Tavern
May 25th, 2001

Where's Schuba's? It's at... 3159 N. Southport Ave, in Chicago. I get to go to Chicago! Tim and Andy are already in Chicago. Tim is there and having a good time. Chicago is in the Midwest. I found a massive cockroach, here in Seattle, the other day. Shit!

We'll try to make this a good show, so you should go. Even if we suck, at least you'll know we tried.

That's all. I hope all is well with all of you. Check back sometime for details, there may be details.


Tim's in Chicago!

That's all the news there is. Go to the New Years shows (see below for dates & places), and send orders for anything Silkworm related to:

6111 North Paulina
Chicago, IL 60660

It's a lovely day. Don't do anything stupid.


The news: Tim's moving to Chicago in three days, three days! And the exciting new thing: he'll get to Chicago in time to see Andy play "...4th chair guitar/maracas/keyboard" with the New Year! Imagine it - and go see it, if you can:

Mon Mar 26 - Grog Shop / Cleveland; with local support
Tue Mar 27 - Empty Bottle / Chicago; with The Eternals and Sterling (both good locals)
Wed Mar 28 - High Dive / Champaign; with Crooked Fingers and one local support
Thu Mar 29 - Last Place On Earth / Memphis; with The Grifters
Fri Mar 30 - Gypsy Ballroom / Dallas; with Knife In the Water
Sat Mar 31 - La Zona Rosa / Austin; with Knife In the Water
Sun Apr 1 - Rudyards / Houston; with Knife In the Water t.b.a. / 300 capacity / $10 ticket
Mon Apr 2 - DAY OFF
Tue Apr 3 - 40 Watt Club / Athens; with Mazarratti
Wed Apr 4 - Go Rehearsal / Carrboro; support t.b.a.
Thu Apr 5 - Black Cat / Washington, DC; Arab Strap support
Fri Apr 6 - Knitting Factory / NYC; Curtis Harvey Band support (need an opener)
Sat Apr 7 - Middle East Upstairs / Cambridge; t.b.a. support

The New Year is built from parts of Bedhead, parts of Come, parts of Silkworm on this trip, among other things. I'm gonna try to get to a show somewhere, I dunno where. Maybe I'll open for 'em in NYC - solo monkey-screamin'.


Last minute notice: Joel R. L. Phelps is having a jamboree of some sort at the The Baltic Room on Capitol Hill this Thursday night (3/8/01). He's playing with the Downer Trio, and Rob's band Her Last Arrow is opening up. The "jamboree" aspect will involve some number of people getting up and playing instruments - and this will, of course, certainly involve Tim and will probably involve me, as well. It's Tim's last jamboree before he moves to Chicago, so we'll try to make it a blowout.

The Baltic Room wants things to start around 9 PM. God only knows how accurate that is, it'll probably start later, but you know I can only tell you what I hear. I'm just passing on information.

It's a gorgeous day. I hope all is well. I am going to get into the bathtub now.


It's been a few weeks so I thought I'd say something. I know most of you have heard that Tim got a job at Shure, redesigning the SM57 or something, so he and Vickie are moving to Chicago sometime - March I think? Earlier? It's very exciting, though it leaves me as the sole Seattle member of Silkworm, which has led to repeated badgerings by all sorts of people everywhere as to whether or not I'm gonna pack it in & become a midwesterner myself. I dunno. I think we'll do pretty well with Tim and Andy in Chicago, as long as those two aren't totally busy with work. I'm busy with work but I've been there so long I could probably put an inflatable doll in my chair and no one would notice if I skipped off to Chicago for a week or two. I could leave a note on my desk that said "back in five." I could tell someone I was taking a long lunch, that'd probably last me a week. With pay. At any rate, Tim and Vickie are moving to Chicago, so they'll be there, I'll probably be coming through town now and again, & we probably won't play in Seattle for a while. My apologies to all you Seattleites - as of March, Silkworm is a Chicago band!

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