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As official as it gets.

Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



Someone videotaped our show in Chicago and posted it on their website, and you can look at it here. It sounds like dogshit on the first song, then sounds better; but I bet if you've got a slow connection, it'll sound like dogshit regardless.

Please understand that we sound better, and are sexier, than can be heard on your crappy computer speakers or seen on your crappy monitor - but still, it's kind of fun to watch. Even if they didn't ask us before they posted it, like they said they would. Even if they did only post an hour of the four hour Empty Bottle show. Even though they do think one of us is in Bleep.


The tour's over, did I tell you? I got home on Sunday, Andy and Tim are driving back to Chicago, then Tim's finishing the drive home.

It was a good trip, most all the shows were fun, the drives were tolerable, we met nice people. The last show, at the Mercury in NYC, was great, it left me feeling energized, you know? Even though I had a four-hour stopover at Midway, and even though some slob snored from the moment the plane left the runway to the moment it touched down in Seattle, I still felt good about things.

As soon as I got back to work, of course, everything came crashing down. It's just not the same! It's not! The rock&roll world is better, even if the food sucks and even when it's a pain in the ass, sometimes even when you're not making any money at all, the rock&roll world is better!

At least that's the way I feel right now. But then, that NYC show was pretty fun. I coulda come back to a winning lottery ticket & been disappointed.

We're planning to be in Italy in a few weeks, though - I'm sure that'll give me back my spunk.


Leaving for Chicago tomorrow. Leaving for Chicago. Tim's already on his way there, he may even be there by now - he drove the van with all the shit in it. I stayed, I worked. I worked for a day. I'm gonna work for another half a day, then go to Chicago.

I know I've listed the shows here about a thousand times, but I'll repeat them - this time with a little more detail! That's got to be worth something:

Fri 9-8-00 Minneapolis 7th St. Entry
Sat 9-9-00 Chicago Empty Bottle w/Pinebender and Bleep
Sun 9-10-00 Cleveland Grog Shop w/Cobra Verde
Mon 9-11-00 Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon w/Karl Hendricks, I think
Tue 9-12-00 Toronto El Mocambo
Wed 9-13-00 Baltimore Ottobar
Thu 9-14-00 Philadelphia Northstar
Fri 9-15-00 Boston TT th' Bears w/Saturnine
Sat 9-16-00 New York Mercury Lounge w/Saturnine

Does that count for anything? I don't know! I don't know! But I do speak for the other members of Silkworm when I say that we're excited to be going on this trip, we're excited to see you all, and... and... we're just excited. I'm so excited I can't contain myself. I can already see my naked torso hanging out of the back of the van with Andy driving 100 mph through downtown Pittsburgh. Can you see me? Can you? I'm screaming, "ditch the fat guy with the Harley!" Can you hear me? I'm screaming it! It's heavenly!


If you get tired of livin', you can always stare longingly at the tour journal. It might be enough to give you a little "oomph."


Nothing big to report, but I've got to spread this around - an old interview between Tim Midgett and Tom Kipp about some overly worshipful Sonic Youth book. Tim Cook posted it to some website somewhere. Funny!

That's all for now. The real action starts in September.


Our shows!


7th St. Entry
Empty Bottle
Grog Shop w/Cobra Verde
Carnegie Mellon
El Mocambo
TT th' Bears
New York
Mercury Lounge


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