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Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



Leaving for Chicago tomorrow. Leaving for Chicago. Tim's already on his way there, he may even be there by now - he drove the van with all the shit in it. I stayed, I worked. I worked for a day. I'm gonna work for another half a day, then go to Chicago.

I know I've listed the shows here about a thousand times, but I'll repeat them - this time with a little more detail! That's got to be worth something:

Fri 9-8-00 Minneapolis 7th St. Entry
Sat 9-9-00 Chicago Empty Bottle w/Pinebender and Bleep
Sun 9-10-00 Cleveland Grog Shop w/Cobra Verde
Mon 9-11-00 Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon w/Karl Hendricks, I think
Tue 9-12-00 Toronto El Mocambo
Wed 9-13-00 Baltimore Ottobar
Thu 9-14-00 Philadelphia Northstar
Fri 9-15-00 Boston TT th' Bears w/Saturnine
Sat 9-16-00 New York Mercury Lounge w/Saturnine

Does that count for anything? I don't know! I don't know! But I do speak for the other members of Silkworm when I say that we're excited to be going on this trip, we're excited to see you all, and... and... we're just excited. I'm so excited I can't contain myself. I can already see my naked torso hanging out of the back of the van with Andy driving 100 mph through downtown Pittsburgh. Can you see me? Can you? I'm screaming, "ditch the fat guy with the Harley!" Can you hear me? I'm screaming it! It's heavenly!


If you get tired of livin', you can always stare longingly at the tour journal. It might be enough to give you a little "oomph."


Nothing big to report, but I've got to spread this around - an old interview between Tim Midgett and Tom Kipp about some overly worshipful Sonic Youth book. Tim Cook posted it to some website somewhere. Funny!

That's all for now. The real action starts in September.


Our shows!


7th St. Entry
Empty Bottle
Grog Shop w/Cobra Verde
Carnegie Mellon
El Mocambo
TT th' Bears
New York
Mercury Lounge



Our new record, Lifestyle, is out today. I'm celebrating by taking the day off work, cleaning house, listening to rock music, rearranging my furniture. I think I'm going to see "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeousie" later, though I'm not sure - I may end up drinking in some "hip" bar, the kind of bar where the "rockers" hang out. It's too early to tell. For now, dig it! The new record's out! Go git it! People say it's the best yet. They always say that, I know, but people do seem to like it. I can only trust the purity of their intentions, and feel that you should do the same.

Do you know we're gonna be on tour soon? I'll let you know where everything's happening in the next week or two. We're starting in Minneapolis on the 7th or 8th or so of September, making our way to NYC on the 15th. Then I'm flying home for an important meeting or something. Then in October we're playing in Italy (!) for six nights or so, running from the 8th to the 15th, until yet another crucial meeting forces me to race home on the lone remaining Concorde. Finally, in December, we'll play some West coast shows - four of them, something like that. There will be plenty of notice, I assure you. Part-time rock is the best kinda rock!

Okay, I got to move furniture.


I wanna be the next L'il Kim. Do I have a chance? Do I swear enough? Do I look like her when I go to the mall? Did you know we have an album coming out on August 8th? It's called Lifestyle. Did you know that already? Some people know that. I hadn't mentioned it, I thought I'd bring it up.

Through the miracle of digital technology, you can buy the bastard now. I don't think you'll get it until after the eighth, but shit man! You can buy it now! Don't buy it on ebay from the bastards on ebay, though. They are bad. They are worse than Metallica and Napster combined. Andy's gonna sue ebay for his senior class project, he's gonna sue 'em and he's gonna win.

What else? It's a sunny day, the airplanes are putting across the sky, we're touring in September (midwest & east coast) and in October (Italy!) and in December (west coast), the record will be out soon and everyone's gonna love it. Andy's in London feeling homesick, Tim's breaking rocks for the summer, I'm the same as ever.

More in a few weeks, when the checks start pouring in.

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