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Los Angeles, The Knitting Factory, 04-15-2005

Ithaca, Castaways, 11-10-2004

Kobe, James Blueland, 07-19-2004
Tokyo, Japan, Shelter, 07-18-2004
Tokyo, Japan, O-Nest, 07-17-2004
Osaka, Japan, 07-15-2004

Bowling Green, Ohio, Easy Street, 06-18-2004

Austin, Texas, Red Eyed Fly, 03-20-2004
Austin, Texas, Exodus, 03-19-2004

Alfred, New York, Alfred University, 11-15-2003
Brooklyn, North Six, 11-14-2003
Cambridge, MA, TT th' Bears, 11-13-2003

Pittsburgh, 31st Street Pub, 09-13-2003
Pittsburgh, The Andy Warhol Museum, 09-12-2003

Houston, Fat Cats, 04-25-2003

Babbling from Siena, El Corte dei Miracoli, 03-30-2003
Rome, INIT, 03-29-2003
Siena, Italy, El Corte dei Miracoli, 03-28-2003
Fano, Italy, Bacheloor, 03-27-2003
Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia, MKNZ, 03-26-2003
Vinkovci, Croatia, Walkow, 03-25-2003
Zagreb, Croatia, KSET, 03-24-2003
Gorizia, Italy, Art and Company, 03-23-2003
Schio, Italy, Centro stabile di Cultura, 03-21-2003

Minneapolis, 7th Street Entry, 01-18-2003
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Cactus Club, 01-17-2003

Chicago, The Beat Kitchen, 10-25-2002

Los Angeles, The El Rey, 07-27-2002
San Francisco, The Fillmore West, 07-26-2002
Seattle, The Sky Church in The Experience Music Project, 07-24-2002

New York City, The Knitting Factory, 07-13-2002
Cambridge, Massachusettes, TT th' Bears, 07-12-2002

Minneapolis, 7th Street Entry, 06-22-2002

Chicago, Illinois, The Abbey Pub, 06-15-2002
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Cactus Club, 06-14-2002

Louisville, Kentucky, Headliner's, 05-04-2002

Pontin's, Camber Sands, UK, All Tomorrow's Parties, 04-27-2002
London, England, The Garage, 04-25-2002
London, England, Columbia Hotel, 04-23-2002
Camber Sands, UK, All Tomorrow's Parties, 04-22-2002

Wayne, Michigan, Michigan Fest, 03-24-2002
Indianapolis, Radio Radio, 03-23-2002
Chicago, Schuba's, 03-22-2002

Dubuque, Iowa, 4-H Community Center, 03-16-2002

Minneapolis, 7th Street Entry, 02-23-2002
Madison, The Annex, 02-22-2002

Cleveland, Grog Shop, 01-12-2002
Toledo, Bottle Rocket Bar, 01-11-2002

Milwaukee, The Cactus Club, 11-30-2001

Chicago, Schuba's, 05-25-2001

Seattle, Crocodile Cafe, 12-31-2000

Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Satyricon, Bottom of the Hill, Spaceland, 12-23-2000

Verona, Interzona, 10-14-2000
Schio, Centro Stabile di Cultura, 10-13-2000
Brescia, Donne e Motori Club, 10-12-2000
Genova, Fitzcarraldo, 10-11-2000
Trento, Angi Pub, 10-10-2000
Ferrara, Renfe Club, 10-09-2000

New York City, The Mercury Lounge, 09-18-2000
Boston, TT th' Bears, 09-15-2000
Toronto, El Mocambo, 09-12-2000
Chicago, Empty Bottle, 09-10-2000

Chicago, Double Door, 07-08-2000

Seattle, Crocodile, 03-25-2000

Portland and Seattle, Satyricon and the Crocodile Cafe, 01-15-2000
Vancouver, Starfish Room, 01-13-2000

Milwaukee, The Cactus Club, 12-18-1999
Chicago, Lounge Axe, 12-17-1999

Minneapolis, 7th Street Entry, 08-29-1999
Winnipeg, Royal Albert Hotel, 08-27-1999
Edmonton, The Silver Slipper, 08-26-1999
Calgary, Calgary Multi-Cultural Center, 08-25-1999
Kelowna, The Gathering Place, 08-23-1999
Vancouver, The Starfish Room, 08-22-1999

Chicago, Andy plays at Roby's, 06-29-1999

Chicago, The Empty Bottle, 09-19-1998
Louisville, Kentucky, TBA, 09-18-1998
Somewhere in North Carolina, Davidson College, 09-17-1998
Durham, North Carolina, Duke University, 09-16-1998
Washington, DC, Black Cat, 09-15-1998
Baltimore, Maryland, UMBC, 09-14-1998
Providence, Rhode Island, TBA, 09-12-1998
Cambridge, Massachusetts, Matt's, 09-11-1998
Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Middle East, 09-10-1998
New York, New York, TBA, 09-09-1998
Philadelphia, Khyber Pass, 09-08-1998
Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, 09-07-1998
Cleveland, Ohio, The Euclid Tavern, 09-06-1998
Chicago, Fireside Bowl, 09-05-1998
Butte, Montana to Chicago, Illinois, Interstate 90, 09-04-1998
Butte, Montana, The Capri Motel, 09-03-1998
Butte, Montana, On our way to Chicago, 09-02-1998
Missoula, Montana, Jay's Upstairs, 09-01-1998
Seattle, Home, 09-01-1998

San Diego to Seattle, In the Van, 08-10-1998
San Diego, California, The Casbah, 08-08-1998
Los Angeles, Spaceland, 08-07-1998
San Francisco, Bottom of the Hill, 08-06-1998
Portland, Oregon, EJ's, 08-05-1998
Seattle, Home, 08-04-1998

Seattle, Ein Heit at Sit & Spin, 05-09-1998
Seattle, Ein Heit Practices in My Basement, 04-27-1998

Seattle, Andy and Tim at the Seattle Art Museum, 04-16-1998

Seattle, 05-31-1997
San Francisco, 05-26-1997
San Luis Obispo, 05-25-1997
San Luis Obispo, 05-24-1997
Tucson, 05-22-1997
Denton, 05-20-1997
Tallahassee, 05-17-1997
College Park, 05-14-1997
Washington, DC, 05-13-1997
New York City, 05-12-1997
Cambridge, 05-09-1997
New York City, 05-08-1997
Chicago, 05-05-1997
Beloit, 05-03-1997
Missoula, 04-30-1997

Seattle, University of Washington, 00-00-0000

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