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Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005




In addition to the recent reissues of Libertine and Chokes!...the Comedy Minus One record label will be reissuing our 2nd album, In the West--on vinyl for the very first time.

Andy, Steve, and I remixed it from scratch this weekend, with JRLP visiting us on speakerphone and FaceTime.

It sounds terrific.

The release will be similar to Libertine--download code and bonus tracks for people who want them...and I reckon some extra-special material that will be worth getting your hands on, if you're a fan. And if you've read this far, you probably qualify.

More later as things unfold--watch this space and CMO!




Hi everybody,

The final Silkworm release, CHOKES!, has being reissued by the fine Comedy Minus One record label.

It sounds fantastic, and it has been really great to hear these songs again.

12" vinyl, at top fidelity 45RPM.

Includes download code plus a slate of live latter-day SKWM downloads.

Jacket features Hiroshi Kimura's lovely painting and etching, full color, with printed inner sleeve.

CMO has sold through several hundred in preorders, and an immediate repress is not likely, so now's the time if you want one. The link is this sentence right here.





The third Silkworm album, LIBERTINE, is being reissued by the fine Comedy Minus One record label.

The release is definitive.

Double 12" vinyl, at top fidelity 45RPM, with CD included.

The CD contains the album, the Marco Collins Sessions EP, an alternate version of Grotto of Miracles, and a cover of Tom Petty's Insider that we did because we got $500 for it.

Gatefold jacket, full color, with full color insert.

CMO is taking preorders to gauge interest, and it's safe to say there will not be a surplus of copies.

Meaning: if you want one, order it now! In particular, this is your only chance to get one of the two "deluxe" packages:

One with a fresh new SKWM t-shirt (long out of print),

and another with the T-shirt and a bunch of other awesome things.

More info here, at the Comedy Minus One blog.

Love always,



Just a note: we have the remaining stock of Firewater and Lifestyle vinyl in the 'record shop.' About 50 copies each. Firewater is a double LP. Get 'em while they last....Much love, TM



Much of this site has been screwed up for quite a while, but most of the functionality has now been restored. How? Andy Lester, that's how. We owe him much thanks and a couple cases of Diet Coke for his assistance.

There may still be some hiccups, but in time the the whole shooting match should be back.

By the way, Libertine is now officially out of print. We will endeavor to reissue it one way or another, but our priority is the present and upcoming Bottomless Pit recordings, so it may be a bit.

Here's wishing the very best to you and this country in which many of us live. It's a nice day to be an American.


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