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As official as it gets.

Welcome to the web site for Silkworm (1987-2005).

R. I. P.


22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



We're playing these shows later this month, right? Three shows in Texas with The New Year?

We asked Jay Ryan to make a poster, and make a poster he did:

Swell, huh?

You'd better go to the damned show now, that's all I'm gonna say.


We're back from Italy and it's almost springtime, and so it's raining and stormy in Chicago but soon it'll be green and calm and everyone will park their cars and walk, and the squirrels will learn to sing and the Chicago river will turn crystal-clear and we'll all be glowing with the fire inside of us.

Go to the Kinski show at the Abbey tomorrow night! That's Saturday night, April 5th.


What a week. War is about to break out, a new deadly virus is sweeping the globe... I can't think of much else, but that's plenty. We've chosen this week to fly to Italy and play a bunch of rock shows. What can you do? The timing could be better. I'm hoping we don't spend ten days trying to tune in the BBC while dodging the tomatoes of Italian anarchists. Me, I'm thinking there couldn't be a better time to get out of town, you know? It's all inevitable at this point; so I'll focus on finding the perfect limonata, the best cappuccino, the most calming 3:00 AM Pastis drunk. There'll be plenty of time in April to learn what we missed.

There's getting to be a long list in the Upcoming Shows section, so please do have a look. Though it will be smaller soon.


We're playing shows pretty soon, you know. You should click on that "upcoming shows" thing over there and see what the hell is going on.


I never, ever write here anymore. Here it's been almost a month and a half, and nothing! But what's happened since so long long ago? There were holidays, you know. Holidays can be stressful and fun. And there were more of these weekend tours, one to the West Coast, one right around these frozen parts where we live (I've written about this a little bit in the journals, I'll get to the West Coast as soon as I've completely forgotten everything that happened).

Apparently Magnet magazine wrote a blurb about the Musical Correctness Calculator. Maybe now we will see true growth in the remarkable intellectual prowess of those who peruse the message board. Please prove me right.

Anything else? Anything? I do not think so. Thank you.

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