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22 DEC 1965 - 14 JULY 2005



Ooh, I was out late last night. I didn't get terribly out of hand but you know any late night gets to me these days. I got a promotion at work, and as any lawyer or law student will tell you, added stress = added booze. There's no cure for on-the-job stress like getting, as they say, tight.

I don't have much to say, but I did want to mention that we've got some big action coming up in August. Or did I already mention that? I think we'll be spending some time in Canada and I think we'll do some recording, we'll record all these new songs that I mentioned the other day. That will be fun, huh? It will be my vacation, a working vacation. A working vacation in Canada! RIGHT ON MAN!!

More substantial news later.


Okay, I'm taking Tim Cook's advice. I'm just gonna let this page pile up and pile up, and if you want to see the latest news, you can look at the top, and if you want to see old news, you can look at the bottom. I'm busy as hell and I've been neglecting this site and I've got to make it easier not to neglect it so I'll just let this page pile up. I'll date the entries, how's that?


The rock show at the Crocodile was fun. The band that opened - who was it? Diane Izzo, she was good, I mean, it's basically Diane Izzo and her band. She was good. She didn't like us much, I don't think, but I liked her. I liked her voice. Joel played well but he went on a rant, he got into it with some woman in the crowd who wanted a minute of silence for the people of Kosovo and Joel had no patience for her, he went off, and she went off and everyone was yelling and it was pretty tense. Not intense, just tense. I was pleased when it was over. We played pretty well, we played a bunch of new songs, six new songs, and everyone said they were immediately enjoyable, as opposed to our normal stuff which everyone thinks is senseless garbage when they first hear it. So that was pleasing.

Portland wasn't as good as Seattle. It's funny, last time we played in Seattle (as Silkworm anyway) stunk, and last time we played in Portland was great. So my expectations for Seattle this time around were minimal, and my expectations for Portland were relatively high. So Seattle was great, and Portland, oh, Portland kinda sucked. We drove the kids away. It was a long night, a late night, I was tired, everyone was driving me crazy, I hadn't eaten in days, I drank too much, these chicks were driving me crazy, Andy grabbed me, I pushed him away but he wouldn't leave me alone, the soundman hated me and the whole night just stunk. Oh it wasn't that bad but it wasn't as great as I would have like it to be.

We did come up with these six songs though, I mean Andy and Tim came up with the songs and I figured out how to get the folks dancin' when we play them, and they sound good. We'll record them in August and put them out sometime after that. But the big news, really is that:

  1. Tim and Vicky bought a house in Rainier Valley;
  2. I got more stuff to do at work and I'm busy as hell;
  3. Andy's made it to his third quarter at Chicago Law and shows few signs of giving up.

That's all the really big news. When Tim and Vick are moved in we'll move the studio from my place to their place. Then maybe I'll make a workshop and refinish those kitchen chairs I bought two years ago. Until then, I'll try to mention any new excitement on this page. Next big thing is in August, but I won't tell you about it until I get the details. I think it has something to do with Canada.



That's all I'll add for now. I'm being run ragged this week. More next week. But on with the old crud...

My intention to rewrite this page weekly has fallen by the wayside, I'm afraid. WHAT A SHOCKER. I'll try to pick up the slack. I mean, what am I supposed to write about? Work? My cats? Forget it! There's nothing to say! I mean, I could make shit up, but who wants to hear it? You want action!

Well, wouldn't you know, there's some action coming up. Andy, lover of poop jokes, is coming to town next weekend. We're going to practice playing rock music! We're going to practice and practice, and get better at it! We'll play some old songs, and some new songs too! And to show you we've improved, we're going to perform a couple of times, I am not shitting you we are going to perform a couple of times. We're playing on the 25th of March (that's a Thursday) at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle. We're also playing on the 26th of March (that's a Friday) at EJ's in Portland. THIS IS SO MUCH ACTION I KNOW IT IS HARD TO BEAR!

In Seattle we're playing with... well, I thought we were playing with Red Stars Theory, but we might be playing with something or someone called "Diane Izzu". I'm sure I'll soon be enlightened as to the truth; hopefully I'll get around to posting it here before the show is over. In Portland we're playing with OH I DON'T KNOW WHO WE'RE PLAYING WITH. I don't research these things. I don't! I'll find out who we're playing with and let you know. I actually had a dream about the Portland show last night - we were playing with three other bands, meaning we weren't going to go on until about 4:00 in the morning. Fuck that! Next thing, I was zipping up to Seattle on my little motorbike, which would go about 20 MPH on the freeway, even slower going uphill. But it was fun! And when I woke up this morning I immediately wanted a little scooter.

Okay, I think I've told you enough. I'll add to this when I learn the truth. Until then, you're welcome to visit the homepage archives, or even look at yet another photograph of the Crust Brothers in Seattle. That should keep you for a few days, at least.


You know how it is when you decide you're going to do something, then you don't do it, then you decide again that you're going to do it, and again you don't do it, and pretty soon the thing has gone undone for so damn long that the thought of doing it is overwhelming because you know it's going to take a whole weekend and you just don't have that much time to spare?

It doesn't matter. Let me get you up-to-date. I don't expect it'll be too difficult.

Last I said anything at all on this site was just before the Crust Brothers shows, 12-30-98 and 1-1-99. Ooh! The shows were fun. I say "Ooh!" because I'd like to put some of the show up here for people to listen to, but I can't get my damn computer to behave. Ooh! It's very annoying. Oh! But I've got pictures! At any rate, the shows were lots of fun. I thought the Seattle show was better. I mean, I had more fun playing at the Seattle show. But then, in Vancouver, we played for about four hours and I got into singing more, but I think I kinda sucked. I mean, I got through it, but it was a struggle at times. Seattle was a breeze. But oh, I had such a fine time in Vancouver! We played our show and spent the next day (Saturday) eating and shopping and just foolin' around. It was ideal. It was so fine. I have never had a vacation before and now that I have had one I want to do it again.

There was a review of the Seattle show in the Weekly (Seattle yuppie mag) by someone who'd been looking forward to the show - I guess she felt bad, having missed the first one year before last - and she hated it. I think she didn't like Creedence so much, and she thought we were hacking around and being, I don't know, self-indulgent? something like that. It was the only review I read, though I looked for more. All I could see were the folks in the front row, and they were gettin' down.

Tim and I are going to get together and actually work on some new songs. Andy's in Chicago going through hell, trying to decide if it's worth $100,000 of debt to sweat and worry for three years before getting a law degree that you're not even sure you want. Shit! I don't blame him. But then, it takes me two months of solid procrastination to update a one-page website, so perhaps he and I are different in some ways.

So: we're rockin' out soon. Maybe someday I'll put a song from the last Crust Brothers show up here somewhere. And sometime in March, late March I think, Andy's coming back for Spring Break and we'll play a show at the Crocodile. How's that for action! A rock show!

Okay, I'm leaving this for now. There will be more in the future, of course. If you want to see the old home page, it's here. Maybe I'll start archiving these things every week or two. Perhaps that will trick you into thinking that the site is being meticulously maintained.

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