Pittsburgh, 31st Street Pub
No festivities after the Saturday night show - it ran late, late, late. It did end up being a rocker, we played rock songs, I was covered in sweat from all the rockin. It was a fun night, Taking Pictures was down from Chicago so there was socializing.

There was socializing? Yes, there was. I was feeling about as social as that red cockroach lying in the hall at work today, so I whiled away the hours playing $.25 video chess and walking through the dark industrial wasteland surrounding the club. It was a beautiful night, really, the moon peering through the clouds into the scrapped cars under the bridge by the river. Forgive me, but it really was nice, if a little spooky at times, walking through abandoned warehouses etc. Pittsburgh is a nice place. It reminds me of Portland, Oregon: a small city, or a large town, with more culture than it deserves.

Tim stayed on Sunday to watch a baseball game; I rode back to Chicago in comfort with Tom, who was heading home to Milwaukee. We discussed music, options for new career paths, and music, then I napped while he drove. A short trip, but it was good to be home.

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