Pittsburgh, The Andy Warhol Museum
Sitting down now at Karl and Megan's after a tremendous meal: chicken boiled in brine, grilled lamb burgers, green chile stew, and more, and all finished off with brownies and ice cream. Now I do not want to leave in a few minutes to go and play another show. I'd rather sleep for a while, then sit on the porch maybe? and then watch some TV.

Last night I did a quick tour of the Andy Warhol museum. You know those mylar balloons, the big ones in the pictures? They've got a room at the museum filled with those balloons. I joined a small group of drunken youths in that room, with a few fans blowing the balloons around and everyone hitting them around the room, it was much cooler than I'd have thought - they're not static, those balloons, they move around, they're like walls, they keep changing the layout of the room. I like them.

At one point during the surprisingly enjoyable show - surprising, because the room at the Warhol feels like any other lecture hall, and most of our lecture hall shows have been dismal experiences - I heard Andy playing something that seemed especially strange, and good. Excited by what I was hearing, I looked at him, expecting to see him looking giddy and excited or... or something. Instead he was staring blankly at the wall behind my head. They were showing Warhol films behind the bands, and he was watching people making out in Kiss. Was it inspiration for the glorious shit he was playing? I do not know. I was a little disappointed, though overall the show was good fun. Played the quiet set last night for the lecture hall, playing the loud set tonight for the biker bar.

After the rock show I went out drinking with a couple of friends from out of town, trying to track down a remarkable army of women who'd been at the show. It was a bizarre night. There was fighting. That's most of what I remember, the fighting. I am sorry to say that I do not want to go into detail about it. Hopefully tonight's festivities will be a little more civil.

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