Minneapolis, 7th Street Entry

Ate breakfast at a Perkins right near the motel - Perkins. All this opportunity for adventure in all these different parts of the country, and we eat at fucking Perkins! We'll do better today, I swear it. The food was wretched, but when we came in there were two glamorous girls finsishing breakfast nearby, and just in the next room there were three tables filled with fully decked-out middle-aged-to-older female clowns. How odd. I have a photograph:

The clowns were friendly but the food really was bad, as was the food we ate for the rest of the trip to Minneapolis. Really bad! It's so hard to eat well on these road trips, even the short ones. I bought some Ritz crackers and locally-built gourmet veggie cheese spread, but even that didn't make me feel any better. A little better yes, but not as much as I'd have liked.

Minneapolis has been fully rebuilt in the past four years or so. What used to be a vacant crack-pipe-and-syringe-filled parking lot across the street from 7th Street Entry is now a many-storied hotel/resort with a Hard Rock Cafe and a Gameworks and a parking garage that we could never, ever afford to park in. And near there are tons of other high-end chain resort-type restaurants, and around the corner they've built a new fancy theater/concert-hall/resort where Henry Rollins was playing last night but I hear he drives a BMW convertible! So he's probably eating at one of these fancy restaurants! Imagine! Well we went to one of them, and thank goodness I had the wisdom to eat some salad. I felt much much better after the salad.

The block-long walk from the restaurant back to the club was so fucking cold. How do people survive it? Get very very very drunk and not notice? People do drink so much here, they "drink and drink" as Tim so eloquently put it in the song "drunk,", but here they have the reason of: it is cold enough that more than 30 minutes spent outside would cause death, but I'll be goddamned if I'm gonna wear pants with these boots! And my ass looks great in this skirt, so buy me a fucking drink and this is my favorite suede jacket and I look buff in this t-shirt etc. I myself was not drunk, and I died each time I stepped outside, but I too looked buff in my t-shirt.

Signal and Report started to play while we were all camped out in the remarkably cold basement. They're from Minneapolis, I think, and they played gothic music! We could all sing along: Modern English, The Cure, Kraftwerk, all these were brazenly lifted but made into something slightly new. Is it this new hot-but-sort-of-obscure band, the what's-their-names who supposedly sound like Joy Division but in some newish way? Have they inspired a new Legion of Fear™? I have to say it would be nice to play with more of these soft-spoken, frightened, serious bands like this one. They were funny, but I couldn't not enjoy them. None of us could! And not entirely in an ironic way.

It's been all sorts of fun touring with Dianogah. We did a shit-eating tour together years ago (did I mention this already?), but somehow things are a little bit better now - the shows are attended, generally - and it makes things more fun. Less shit-eating. And I always liked watching them, but now more so than ever. You know what else I like? Call me what you will, but I like that Sapphire gin. The 7th Street Entry lets the filth in the rock bands drink that shit! Not alot of it, but some of it. I want to buy some when I get home!

So I drank a delicious gin " tonic while watching Dianogah. They were fab, the crowd loved them. This has been a bonding experience between these two bands, I'm telling you - we've known each other for years, toured together etc., but here has been a reminder. Just two nights! Isn't that funny. So yes Dianogah played, and then we played our set. It was fun. Tim's instruments are made entirely out of metal, so they were completely out of tune all night, and it always fucks up the momentum when someone's fixing their shit mid-swing - but still it was fun. We played Shithead for the second time ever. I got to write a new song, singing that song is like a nightmarish trip back to my mid-twenties, a place I to which I do not care to return, save for the opportunity to tack another ten years onto this life. Even then, I wouldn't live that shit again. Except in song!

Another Motel 6, this one seemingly off the beaten path though it's hard to say really if that's true - I know nothing of the paths here. I wonder if we might find a non-highway breakfast place in this town? I know they're here, I just don't know where. I wonder if my apartment back in Chicago is still heated? Only two days and I'm already excited to find out.

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