Seattle, The Sky Church in The Experience Music Project
I always pick a time when I am either too tired or too drunk to do this writing. Tonight I am only too tired, not too drunk. I could have been too drunk, and I should have been! Except Biznono isn't drinking these days, and all my pals had to work tomorrow so I left, I just left.

I was born and raised in Seattle, and now I'm living in Chicago. This is the first I've been back in almost seven months. It's different here in Summer, and it's different too because now I'm starting to enjoy Chicago. And I know that when you find what's good in Chicago, it's things that can't be found in Seattle, and vice versa - what's bad can't be found in Seattle, either, and the good and bad in Seattle of course can't be found in Chicago. I swear it's true. But when we got off the plane in Seattle, I saw, myself and three airline ticket-taking ladies saw a boy get down on one knee and ask a young woman to marry him. She had just got off the same plane I had got off. She looked grumpy, like everyone does when they get off a red-eye flight, and she did not look like she wanted to get married. I don't know what she said, though, if she agreed, and I decided that it would be foolish to ask.

I've been in Seattle one day, though, and it has been a very good day. Spent time with family, spent time with friends, and oh I wish there were much more time. My entire Seattle family came to the show! And lots of friends, some I expected to see, some not. I got the eye from a pretty girl, and when I confronted her about it she said "I am a huge Silkworm fan." I was disappointed, but as always, a pretty girl who is a Silkworm fan makes me think that I have not wasting all of the last twelve years.

The show, though, right? What did we do? We played at EMP, in this misshapen room with a towering ceiling, through a tremendous sound system that I didn't understand, with a sound onstage like mating sea-slugs. People said it sounded decent offstage. It was fun, somehow. It was such a strange room to play in: sideways in this cavern, with people far below and to the sides, watching, and all of us on perfect display.... Am I expected to relax? It's not possible! Still it was fun, I set up in front of Peter's drumset, so I was right in the middle of the center of the stage, and I have to say I kind of like that. Whether anyone else liked it, I do not know. They claimed to like it okay.

Mission of Burma spent more time onstage, and held together very well. I am pleased to be going along on this weekend trip, and I am perhaps equally pleased to have tomorrow off in my odd little home town.

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