Cambridge, Massachusettes, TT th' Bears
I am too tired to write this! I'm too tired, and it's late. And did I have... well, what, I had like three vodka tonics. And what did I eat for lunch? Was that lobster? It cost me almost $20 for lunch! Lobster on a fucking piece of white bread! They didn't even toast the fucking bread. How much does it cost, what does it take to toast a piece of white bread? Maybe spread some butter on it, just one fucking side? I could even do that myself! I can make toast. I can! But these fucking fuckers in Westchistex or wherever, they don't know, they couldn't toast their way out of a goddamn cocksucking contest.

Anyway I barfed lobster and it cost me a day's pay. But it was a nice day anyway - we had the lobster after going to the beach, avoiding these massive green-eyed flies that bite big chunks out of legs, somehow we avoided being eaten and went to the beach and walked, and I got burned on the back and shoulders, maybe on the neck. I don't mind that so much, I like the beach you know.

We flew into Boston last night and stayed with Matt and Claire and their animals. This morning I had some bacon that made me want to eat more bacon! But what bacon doesn't? Do you know that it's bacon that makes vegetarians turn back? Oh and such good bacon this morning. And then the beach! And the lobster, which ground my leathery insides to dust, and then the nice drive through the exclusive New England countryside. And then to the show!

The show was a... no, I was going to say it was a hoot! I always say that though; and I can't say this was such a hoot, though it was lots of fun. I had a very good time! The show, it had a good energy, it went well, we played well and what a fine audience! Appreciative, and singing along, and all excited, like a bunch of people of various ages hearing and seeing a rock band they enjoy. That is an inappropriate metaphor but perhaps you understand what I am getting at. But you know - I fucked up so much tonight, I made so many mistakes, I screwed up on almost every song. Not everyone in the band noticed every mistake, and maybe no one in the crowd noticed any mistakes; I'm sure some of them saw some mistakes, because Christ! I was fucking up to no end! Every fucking song! I'd start a song, and think, "oh please, just get through it, please this is an easy song, and this part, where... oh wait! do I hit the cymbal here or later or... FUCK!" Every song was the same thing.

Still it was a good show. Everyone had a good time. Even I had a good time. And having this minor nightmare under my belt, I expect tomorrow will be exciting like this one, and perhaps more technically competent. Not that anyone cares about that sort of thing.

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