Minneapolis, 7th Street Entry

These shows were enjoyable, and worthwhile; really, they were. Though somehow what sticks in my craw after this long weekend is the fucking hours and hours spent in crawling traffic through the rolling hills of south-central Wisconsin. Fucking fuck! Hours! A 6 hour drive became a 9 hour drive! That is unacceptable, and all because the road went from two lanes to one lane twice in about 100 miles. Cocksuckers. Unacceptable.

But the drive up was fine. We left after work & stayed the night in Madison, where I was hoping to get laid, like, a million times, and ran from door-to-door in the Motel 6 with my bikini briefs, my olive oil, and my bag of live shrimp....

I was thinking this weekend about how I've changed the way I write these journals. The theme in the past has always been: I tried and tried to get laid, and failed over and over and over and over again. That is such a successful theme, I really should stick with it; but maybe because I got lucky a couple times, or maybe because of the public humiliation, or maybe just because I go hog-wild only about twice a year rather than night after night like in the olden days, it's hard to stick with it. The only new theme that's developed seems to be the downhill slide into stagnant middle age, but that's no good. I'll work on something new.

I can always write about the rock shows, though. We played two shows in Minneapolis, one in the afternoon for the kids, one in the evening for the grownups. The all-ages show wasn't our idea; and while we'd love for the kids to love us, our music usually seems to be appreciated by - I'm not sure if it's grownups, or drunks. Still, the all-ages show was homespun & fun: the soundman forgot to play music before the show, so we spent many minutes setting up, getting our shit together, putting together a set list w/much audience input, all on full display in front of a small but attentive crowd. I liked it.

So the first show was reasonable, the second show was more so. We skipped the obscure requests for the second show, the crowd was more substantial. After the show I was pounced upon by these two ... are they mooks? Does that imply a race? These two "pguys" from Chicago, one big middle-aged guy, one younger guy, both raving about my playing: "you heard Dave Grohl? You inspired by Dave Grohl?" We talked about John Bonham and Tommy Lee. They both seemed to equate the two of them. They were talking about Tommy Lee; the older one said, "well, Tommy Lee, he's Tommy Lee!" I wasn't sure if that meant he was good or bad, or maybe neither. He asked what I thought of Tommy Lee, and I said "his penis is clearly larger than mine, so I dislike him." He laughed and laughed, but what else do I know about Tommy Lee? I've certainly never heard him play drums, or paid attention if I did hear him.

Oh! We did play with a couple of enjoyable bands, and Vickie mentioned how odd it is that all the bands we play with in Minneapolis seem to be good. It is strange. These bands - Volante and ... and... and another band, a band with a long and tricky name - were enjoyable, and certainly the Volantes were sweethearts. It was like touring 7th St. for a day with two good bands & nice folks. It was not so bad. I am not expecting sympathy.

The next day we drove and drove and dried up like dried up dogs. It was the first time I've been away from Chicago and felt homesick for Chicago, rather than for Seattle. Perhaps I have turned over a new leaf.

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