Camber Sands, UK, All Tomorrow's Parties
I know I don't have time to cover everything, but I'll start. First though, I'll pause for effect so that you know that things are going so well here in England, and at this festival, that I could almost say I'm speechless.

I do have some things to say. I want to talk at some point about what a remarkably positive experience this festival has been, but I'll save it for when I'm home. For now, we're in London, staying at the Columbia Hotel near Hyde Park with an enormous pack of sensitive rockers (us, the New Year, Steve and Heather); we just got into town, it's Monday night. We are going to eat food.

I will dig deep down for something interesting to say. Mission of Burma played a remarkable set last night, stunning. So strong. And these people, all these interesting and sensitive rockers who've taken over this land, they're all just lazing around all week, and today on the train to Brighton to pick up the New Year van we sat with Clint Conley and he said something which made me hope for bigger things when Silkworm plays next (though we played well enough, show was well attended etc): he said that about halfway through the show they started to "dig deep" - going way down inside to pull out the real shit. It was an exciting show, and it was an exciting thing to hear from someone who would know how that kind of digging is done.

The rest are now outside, looking in - I hear them giggling. Must go. Much more later.

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