Minneapolis, 7th Street Entry
Minneapolis has been fun the last few times we played. It was fun tonight! They give you, shit! they give you so many drinks! Beer, and then drink tickets, and even drink tickets that're good for big-name, classy booze! I can't wait to play in Minneapolis again!

We played with a few good bands, though I've since forgotten their names and I am not going to look into it right now, I'm just not. A friend came out from somewhere in North Dakota - Grand Forks, maybe? - and brought about 22 friends with him, so the place was jumpin. It was enjoyable, and again we played as if we were not fucking up at every turn, which was a real boost. Was there more? The bands, whose names I refuse to find for you, were filled with some pretty nice people. One of the bands included, as a package deal I guess, a pretty girl, I think she was a wife. That was alright. There were other pretty girls around, but nothing came of it, either for me or for any of the other spry fiddlers in attendance. It's the way of the world!

Not to change the subject - but I think I'm coming down with something. I can feel something in my throat. It is not the chips and cheesy dip I had this afternoon for a snack. It is something real, I'm telling you now. But oh! This reminds me! Remember all those drinks & bottles of beer? Well - Andy drank them! I think he drank all of them, and as I tried valiantly to find the way back (we're touring these days in two Subaru Foresters; I was driving Andy's) to the motel (this place was not near as fun as last night's), Andy gradually caught fire, railing on my sense of direction, on ... on ... on what? How can I not remember? He was wound up! Oh, I despised it. Drunks are so wretched when you're sober! I mean, they're fun for a bit, but at some point you hope they'll get a little self-conscious and shut their yaps. I remember a good friend going bananas on his 30th birthday some years back, he was a very good friend but I wanted to sock him when he refused, for about the 18th time, to get in a car and leave the bar where he'd offended all present. This was Andy's chance, and he took it! It was terribly annoying.

The next day, of course, all was forgiven. All was forgiven, actually, as soon as we were out of the car & I was in the sack. All will continue to be forgiven until we get to go back to Minneapolis.

The next day, spent driving back to Chicago, I saw the sun setting over the fields to the West. Imagine my shock when I realized that I hadn't seen a sunset since I moved to Chicago - not one! We don't get to see the sun set here. Some people who live or work in tall buildings get to see the sun set now and then. Maybe Andy sees the sun set, he works in a tall building. At any rate, I'm sure you get my point. I gotta get out more often.

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