Madison, The Annex
Madison is ... Madison is where my extended family is from. Madison is where we used to play at OK's Corral, I think it was called. We were there once a few years back & we played such an awful show, playing last after I don't remember who, playing all of four songs, just so sad. And even though there were fans present, we abandoned them and fucked off. Everyone was disappointed. So tonight, this night, we swore well in advance that we would not fuck off until we had played for at least an hour.

The crowd was small, the crowd was quiet. This place, The Annex, was this bizarre complex with the date-rape crowd up front, the indie-rock crowd in the darkness off in back. It was cold, so cold, ice was on the ground - that's right, ice! on the ground! - and we huddled in the basement, trying to quit smoking, sucking cheap beer out of straws. What did we play? Rock music? We played a few new songs, all of which somehow sounded pretty reasonable. I think we remembered how they went. I think we remembered how everything went, though I may be wrong. There's a new song of Tim's that he and I sing at the same time, and it went alright.

I tried to chat up some of the folks in the crowd. I was spirited, I'd had some beer, and though that I was quite funny! I still think I was funny, though I can't remember what I said. I believe I accused some of the people of some things that may or may not have been true. Did I expose myself? No more than usual. And why was it that the only person willing to chat was stored clear in the back corner of the bar?

I don't know. It's not so important, really. It was a night in Madison, potentially challenging, but pleasurable. People were friendly and supportive. And we did find a very cute little motel, Tim had to browbeat the proprietor into giving us a room, a room with the strangest books in the bedstand! What strange books! One was about the cruelty of a carnivorous diet, called something like Meat is World Death; the other was about how the world was going to end soon and that we should all repent - and it wasn't what you'd think! It was called The World is Going to Blow Up and You Are Going to Hell or something.

Tim swiped it. We slept in but didn't have far to go the next day. Was I drunken? No, no, I was straight.

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