Cleveland, Grog Shop
Somehow we ended up playing tonight with this mysterious Chicago band called, I believe, "OKGO." The early evening was spent in excited, furious debate over the merits & failings of "fun" bands, "party" bands, bands that people can call "fun" and "goofy" and the band members don't care. The general vibe - if you can imagine it - was that these bands should be destroyed, though I posed an elegant and challenging humanitarian argument in their defense.

Who cares though, right? OKGO turned out to just be kind of dull, and many in the crowd were clearly there to rub against their sexy, unagressive, good-natured chuckles. One of their roadies told me - in a remarkable throwback to the heady days of, what, a decaded ago? - that the band was "Capitol's biggest push this year." So strange!

What happened when we played? I can hardly recall. I know I took my shirt off, because Nicole's mom was all excited about it afterwards. I think we played pretty well - though as with any of these short trips, I'm sure we'd have played better if there were a few more nights of it. The next day we deadheaded back to Chicago, finished the last of the Crispy Cremes, unloaded the stuff & cried, cried, cried.

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