Milwaukee, The Cactus Club
Playing Milwaukee is now like playing in Bellingham was back in Seattle - a couple hours up, a couple hours back. It's not a bad drive, and Milwaukee is not a bad town. In some circles, in fact, it's a hot item: there are jobs, it's cheap to live, houses are affordable, etc. I believe... I believe they even have a zoo? Is this true? Am I crazy to think they have an art museum?

It's true, they have culture. They have modern culture, but best of all, they've got streets lined with storefronts which haven't changed in fifty years! And the stores are open, the bizarre old bars & chinese restaurants, hardware stores... all glimmering like It's a Wonderful Life. It's a neat town.

The van's fucking up, so we drove up in the Subarus with all the stuff. It's the modern age! You should've seen Sixto's minivan - sparkling! Like a Cadillac! And all this for a reasonably full room of well-behaved, attentive kids, some of whom drove a considerable distance for the pleasure. We did our damndest to please them, God knows we did... we tried so hard. And it went okay, you know? We played our music, yes we did. It was fun - it made me want to be on tour, those things get better as time goes on. I mean, the touring can be a fucking burden! Shit! But the playing gets better and better. I think if we played, you know, three more shows, they'd started getting good. Not that this wasn't good! It was a good show! We played some new stuff, some old stuff... something like five new songs. They were alright! I sweated, I drank some Red Bull - and we drove on back to Chicago. How's that for a night on the town? Shitballs! More! Bring 'em on!

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