Verona, Interzona
The Interzona Club is inside the largest cold-storage facility in Italy, or in Europe, or the largest one around during World War II, or something like that. It's huge, this massive facility with a dome in the center where the trains would come in, load up, get turned around and go away. What a beautiful club, vast rooms, some of them were like the inside of an airplane hangar but clean and bright with walls of brushed aluminum or steel or some such thing, beautiful and huge. The main room had a catwalk reached by a spiral staircase, it was a huge room and very comfortable.

Interzona, like the place last night in Schio, is also an arts co-op of sorts, only this is a project on a monumental scale. The building was bombed is WWII, and opened up for a while afterwards, then abandoned in the 60's or something. About 15 years ago squatters moved in and gradually began cleaning the place up, to the point where now there are rooms used as dance clubs, movie theaters, sound stages, rock clubs.... They've just about got the dome cleaned out, to what end I don't know but I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

I forgot to mention the potatoes in Schio. They were, to that point, the finest potatoes I've had in my life. I may be forgetting some potatoes I've had but I don't think so - I don't think any have been so memorable, and I've had some good potatoes.

Tonight's potatoes, again cooked in a funky kitchen by nice young hep musician/artist types, were also excellent. There was also a risotto which people were dying over, even those who disliked risotto were drooling. The risotto, I have to say, didn't kill me, but still it was a wonderful meal.

The important thing tonight, though, was the show. It was very well attended, there were fans (some who came all the way from Paris!), people were attentive and excited and friendly, and we played the best show of the trip by a long shot. It's always so good to end a trip on a good show, the same thing happened in New York remember and it felt so good. Tonight felt good, the show felt good, and even though I stayed up all night and my flight the next morning was delayed and I missed my connection to Seattle and ended up staying an extra night and paying $150 to fly through Cleveland to get home the next night I still felt good when I got home.

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