Brescia, Donne e Motori Club
Er... I don't know that I can remember this far back. I was a fool to stop writing this journal, a fool! Brescia? Brescia? I don't fucking remember! Schio I remember.... Verona, of course.... Brescia? What happened there? Was that the place where the waitress... oh I don't know. It was the night after Genova! Who could remember a thing after Genova? We could've played the coliseum and it would slip my mind.

Oh! Brescia! Of course! We played at a club, a nice old-feeling place squat in the middle of hundreds of warehouses, right beside acres of vacant lots, what was it called? And it was run by a jubilant couple with dogs and all these kids came in.... I remember talking to the bartender, Ago and I were hoping for a late night of festivities but there seemed to be nothing to do here in Schio. We played with a band that was like a Brescia Pearl Jam maybe, lots of energy, lots of cymbals, lots of friends. Very nice, let us use their stuff - there was a piano onstage. How can this become interesting? Did I drink? Of course I did, I drank and I ran outside and pissed in the dog kennel, yes I showed it to the dogs! And they barked, they barked! And Agostino's friends came, they were very nice, warm people - it made me love the Italians more, these guys who've been in & around rock music for years & still they're warm friendly gentle people, it was like a country full of Corey Rusks. Not quite full, but you saw them there, you saw them more than usual.

What else was there? I remember not enjoying the show so much. It was an odd night.... Andy and Agostino and Matt and I stayed up late playing poker, we wanted to stay up late in the hotel bar but they wouldn't have us. We'd have been up 'til forever if they'd let us, but as it was we gambled for very small change and if I recall we slept soundly.

Please accept my apology for waiting so damned long to write this. If anyone remembers anything more, well... cherish it!

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