Boston, TT th' Bears
I think I've got to go back to Baltimore to catch up.

I can't spend too much time on Baltimore. It was not such a hot show - we were shoved between two big sweaty rock bands, shouting rock bands with shouting fans, & the club had us play for like 40 minutes. It was pretty silly. The first rock band played & the crowd had lots of hair & tattoos; we played, & now the crowd had little homemade haircuts & looked earnest; the next rock band played, and the big hair came back! It was nuts. It was fairly civil, everyone was nice, the bands were even pretty good, but it was wacky. Some friends came from DC, I got to eat some afghani food, delcicious, some sweet thing with saffron rice piled on some sort of chicken with almonds and pistachios on top, shit! It was yummy. But Baltimore is pretty fucked: downtown is vacant, the neighborhoods we saw were wrecked, unused & unwanted. It was tragic, we drove to Philadelphia after the show & got a room in a cheap motel off the turnpike.

The night of the Philadelphia show was pouring rain. Lightning struck a thousand times. The club, the North Star, is a nice looking club, it's a good place to play, but shit! The fans stay far, far away. There were a few determined characters who stuck around for the experience, but for the most part the room was quiet & the scene a little dismal. Still, we played alright, the sound was okay, the people were nice. I went home with a girl and we were probably going to get busy, but her place had been struck by lightning so we went to New Jersey to stay with her mom, & then she finished off a bottle of Absolut and passed out on the sofa. True story! I don't know if you'd call that "getting lucky," but I got to.

The drive to Boston was slow and, you know, full of cars, but oh this show was fun. We played well, though the club made us stop well before we were done; there were quite a few people there, and they seemed to enjoy themselves. We played with Matt Kadane & his keyboard, and it was a hoot: we actually got to play Contempt, and it didn't stink, can you believe it! It didn't stink! I can hardly believe it myself.

erp. I'm tired.

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