Chicago, Double Door
Let me get the ugly truth out right away: Andy's working at some law firm in Chicago this summer, & they flew us out for this show. Okay? That's the ugly truth. They flew us out, & they promised they'd give us a certain amount of money regardless of whether anyone showed up or not. Okay? It was their summer party, can you imagine? Their summer party! This is what they decided to do for all their lawyers, have Silkworm play a show. Absurd!

The Double Door is a wierd club. It could almost be a fine club, I mean, it seems like it should be just right - big but not too big, a good sound system, a nice room, pool tables etc., and it's in a good spot. But oh gosh! It attracts a funny crowd. I wasn't sure if it was a bunch of lawyers from Andy's law firm, or just a bunch of lawyers who happened to be in the neighborhood, but you know when you're out to see a band, it's Friday night and you go out to see Fitz of Depression or something down at the Beaver Biscuit (which is in the "drunk yuppies" part of town), and half the club is filled with these people that just wanted to go out to, you know, "see a band?" You know that scene? That's kind of how the crowd was, at least the crowd I ran into when Shinie Ghosts and .22 were playing, when I was trolling the bar for cigarettes and loose change.

From the stage, though, things looked a little brighter. There were a fair amount of panicky Silkworm fans & they all sat right up front and shouted. We played okay - not great, but okay, some of it was very good (that's what people say, anyhow) and some wasn't so good. Chris, who played drums while I sang & danced around out front & showed off my ass in the blue vinyl pants I bought on Friday (a rite of passage? I don't know), thought it was a great show. There was a fellow there who'd come all the way from Florida to capture my sweat in a little bottle he carried around his neck & he thought it was a great show. So don't listen to me, listen to them!

I'm hoping someone will send pictures. I'll put 'em up as soon as I get 'em.

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