Seattle, Crocodile
I was just gushing with excitement after this show. Tim and Andy weren't quite so excited; I was happy as a hog - we hadn't played perfect, I fucked up more than my share, it started off alright then bogged down a bit but by the end, I tell you I could've played all night. And me, an old man! It was so pleasing, I tell you.

We played a bunch of old and new songs. Since we weren't on tour, really, there's not so much to relate. I'm trying to think of the crazy adventures, the wild twists of fate that happened this day, but I can't recall any show-stoppers. Oh, I did meet a pretty girl - can you imagine that after so many years it still stops me in my tracks, meeting a pretty girl? What gives? And I'm sure I'll see her again. But after the show, Vickie said that the band as it is now is her favorite ever - and she's been watching Silkworm play for as long as it's possible. And Tim and I agreed that playing live was more enjoyable now than it had ever been. I recall a time, the first and second tours maybe, where it was such a treat to be driving around with friends, hanging out in bars, playing pool, playing music, seeing the country... but that romance wore off, let me tell you. Now, I don't know that it's back - I don't expect it ever to be back how it was, and I'd worry if it did come back - but the pleasure of playing music is greater than ever. I would not have expected this after ten years, but it's true!

Okay, that's hardly a tour journal. Maybe we'll actually tour sometime and I'll have something to write about.

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