Portland and Seattle, Satyricon and the Crocodile Cafe
Not only did we play this rock show tonight, we spent a few hours this morning in Rex Ritter\'s basement in Portland, recording a new Crust Brothers song for some guys in London who want to put out a single. It is a new basement tape. We have made lots of basement tapes in our career. But who cares about that right now! No one, that\'s who! How was the goddamn show in Seattle? HOLY SHIT WHAT A CLUSTERFUCK! I mean, it was a good show, but MY GOD how difficult it was to get anything done. Need someone on the guest list? Well, first ask SO-N-SO and then ask WHOEVER and then oh I don\'t have any responsibility for THAT you\'ve got to talk to THAT jackass over THERE. What a pain in the ass! There was some wierd shit going on in the club that night, and possibly in the world, there were fights and there was bickering, petty bickering among friends who never raised their voices, retired couples on vacation who\'d traveled the world in previous years started to comment on the other\'s bad habits which had never seemed bad before. And we spent that particular night playing music at the Crocodile.

It wasn\'t so bad, though. There were alot of people there, which was both good and bad - the petty, spiteful people who\'d been so nice on previous days wanted to shit in my hair when I told them I couldn\'t get them on the list. Fuck ducks! That\'s all I could say! But we played well, and it was, overall, a nice occasion - I don\'t get out much these days, so playing a show is a nice opportunity to visit with old friends. Now isn\'t that alright? Isn\'t that a good enough reason to play in a rock band?

Tim did his thing again.

Tim does his thing again!

It was thrilling, again. Oh, and I did a thing, too, during a new song of Tim\'s called "Around the Outline" - I got away from the drums, Chris from Seam took over the drums and I got out and dripped sweat on the front row girls and forced myself on Andy:

Of course, I have a thing, too.

That picture is from Pandemonium\'s online thing - they\'ve got other pictures from the show, too, so oh just dig it all to heck. I hope they don\'t mind that I stole their picture. It was taken by Justin Dylan Renney. Please don\'t tell him I am a thief.

Boy am I wandering. Is this enough? Is this okay? Next time I\'ll try to write about this shit sooner - but I know you\'re patient with me. I know you understand.


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