Vancouver, Starfish Room
I hope you'll be patient with me, I'm writing this a few weeks after it happened and I can hardly remember anything. It's bad enough trying to remember this stuff right when you're doing it but weeks later is no good. Anyhow, we played in Vancouver with Seam, it was the first show of three: Vancouver, Portland, Seattle. Seam flew out from Chicago with Andy for a quick Northwest tour, Thursday Friday and Saturday.

Tim and Andy and I drove from Seattle to Vancouver listening to Michael Jackson and swearing. What did we talk about? I can't remember, there was a theme but I don't know, I just don't know.... Oh God what's the point? We got to Vancouver, we didn't get lost, we got to the club, we played.... Do you know how much we practice these days? We don't! Andy got in at like 1:00 AM on Thursday morning, and we had a show that night. I worked during the day, so when would we be able to practice? We played a couple songs at soundcheck, but that was about it. Absurd. I took a stroll after our set, wandering spellbound among hookers and cheap hotels. Andy and Tim bought cigars. What more do you need to know? Tim drove back that night, chatting with Andy while I tried to sleep in the backseat, since I had to work in the morning and be ready to go to Portland for the Friday night show, and oh this rock&roll lifestyle! Sometimes I just eat it up.

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