Chicago, Lounge Axe

Can I tell you how tired I am of erasing the shit that I write? If it happens one more time I'm going to give up the electronic world and start a 'zine. Damnit! I'll do it! So help me God, I'll start a 'zine!

I forgot to make it so the little numbering thingy would change, so I wrote this shit about Milwaukee over the shit I wrote about Chicago. And by God, now I hardly even care, it was so long ago. Shit. We played at Lounge Axe though, okay? Right? And it was fun, there were a few people there, we had Thai food, Kiernan and Mike were there, etc etc. Shit, I wrote it all down yesterday. But okay, it was fun, it was, it was a nice night in Chicago, and you know how I like Chicago. No? Well I do.

You know the other thing we did, we went to Second City for their Christmas party. Heather works there and she snuck us all in through the back. It was a riot, I'm telling you, a riot! This girl Christina and I bought a keg of good Vodka and drank it like air, Robbie Fulks played and everyone threw up in time to the music, even Tim! And he didn't drink a drop! It was the funnest fun! The most fun fun thing! We all had fun, I stayed out late, went to parties with all these people from Chicago, spent some time in a bathroom with my clothes in disarray and good company, ended up walking a few frightening blocks while trying to find a taxi in the bitterest cold - but what a night!

The show was good, though. There were a number of attractive women there, which made me think that something had gone wrong. Sixto and .22 played, it was a gathering of friends and others were there and people enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed myself. I'd been sick, so sick, throwing up not for pleasure but out of necessity, wretched! Bad timing! But I'd just started feeling better the day before, and the show was fine, we played okay, and it was not so late a night that I had any regrets. Thank you for coming, those who came. It was good to play the Lounge Axe one more time.

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