Winnipeg, Royal Albert Hotel
Sorry there's been a delay. I was busy and there's no telephone service east of the Canadian Rockies so it's been hard to keep up. I'll update everything in the next day or so - you will see what a pleasure it's been.

Tonight we're in Winnipeg. It's our last show in Canada, we've been in Canada not quite a week; tomorrow we go to Duluth, then Minneapolis. It's been a long and pleasant tour.

Last night in Regina we played our one college show of the trip. It's very easy, when you play a college show, to feel like a trained monkey brought in for entertainment, or to feel like the college kids have pooled their money to bring in some folks from the other side of the tracks for them to watch in anthropological amusement. It's a strange feeling, and you only ever get it at college shows. The kids come and go like they could care less what's happening onstage, they just walk around and check out the scene and... and... and it's an odd feeling.

I had a good night, though. I boldly pounced on the prettiest girl in town, which took some effort I have to say but I was glad I pounced. We spent the night struggling to dance to "jungle" music, walking the streets, sitting on a rooftop watching the stars, telling stupid jokes and trying to be pleasant company. It was nice and romantic and not what you would expect from a place called Regina.

I forget where I left things yesterday, or the day before or whatever, whenever it was we played in Edmonton. We played at the Silver Slipper, which was part of a horse-racing/casino facility in the seedier part of a fairly seedy town. The miracle of the night was that there were a fair amount of thoroughly excited Silkworm fans present, which shocked us all. I mean, we're depending on Shellac for everything on this trip, we're like three unrecognizable Moray eels clinging to their underbelly, but in Edmonton - and Calgary too, though not to such a degree - we felt like we were holding our own to some degree. It's a nice feeling when you're so damned far from home.

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