Calgary, Calgary Multi-Cultural Center
It's morning in a hotel suite in Calgary. The suites were the only rooms left, and Steve talked 'em down and we've lived in luxury for a few hours. It was nice, it was, to sleep alone. I can't believe I haven't mentioned Andy waking up screaming in Vancouver - I didn't mention that, did I? He woke at 4:00 AM screaming, and I mean a terrifying, falling-off-a-building scream, and he screamed repeatedly until his screams turned to laughter. Then he laughed and laughed, and others laughed, then others stopped laughing, then aAndy kept laughing, and as I tried to fall back to sleep I thought evil thoughts, and I thought "this is going to be a long and miserable tour." Thank goodness this has not proven to be true - instead the tour's been a gas so far.

Kelowna was a strange little town but the show was great. We've generally had a miserable time at all-ages shows, but the show in Kelowna - as well as the show last night - was so well-run, and the kids were so well-behaved and so excited to have some rock bands in town that it was a pleasure to play for them. The young girls - and there were so many young girls - ran to Andy and I and clung to us for support, holding to our belt loops as we ran in circles around the dressing room doing the "riverdance" and singing fertility songs. What a pleasure!

The drive from Kelowna to Calgary, along the trans-Canada highway over the Rockies, is as beautiful as highway drives come. It was long and slow, but it was stunning. The mountains look as if they tore up through the ground a few weeks ago, and the crags tower everywhere, nearby and in the distance, and huge hanging glaciers loom over these huge vertical drops. It was stunning and dramatic, and all filled with lovely pearl-blue alpine lakes and streams which look like they're filled with dry ice and would freeze you to a brick if you feel in. Excitin'!

Calgary is a nice town and I'm sad we're not staying longer. We got to the show very late last night, we unerestimated how long it would take to cross the Rockies and I think we were two hours late but everyone stuck around and everyone was glad. The crowd was appreciative of our presence and there were even some rabid fans around, which we didn't expect and we played maybe a too-short set and I felt guilty, but then again we were so late and people were really there to see Shellac so we spent the rest of the show relaxing and smoking and rabidly pursuing the wildly sexy young girls in the crowd. I actually talked to one for a while, but it was hard to do - she kept saying things like "it was so fizz," or "they were real blisterers," and I couldn't keep up with the lingo. Besides, as Andy mentioned yesterday, the concept of whoring around with groupies isn't quite so easily realised on a tour when you're falling asleep by 1:00 AM and when you're sleeping in a single room with your three bandmates. It just ain't easy! So get off my case!

Okay, more later. On our way to Edmonton. Again, I will be sorry when it's over.

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