Kelowna, The Gathering Place
Some tour journal. Sorry I/'ve been a flake. I mean, it wouldn/'t be so bad, but this tour/'s all of nine days, so I/'d better keep it up.

Kelowna is just above Spokane, but it/'s got the feel of the palouse country in the Idaho panhandle, which is green and rolling and lovely. The only difference here is that the timber is so dry it/'ll ignite if you throw a rock at it - in fact, as we drove into Merritt to get a root beer we saw a tree or two on fire just outside of town, and by the time we left the A&W the sky was filled with smoke, and the smoke jumpers were jumping. I saw a kid in Merritt who looked just like Todd Trainer, only about 12 years younger. I told Todd this; he said "God help him."

Vancouver was a gas - did I mention this already? This trip is actually not some Greek Odyssey, it/'s just a rock tour. It/'s a pleasure to see parts of the world I haven/'t seen before, and let me tell you the pass on highway 5 or 99 or whatever it was, it was stunning, and all the landscape is stunning, and I see people I never see and some of them are appealing and friendly, and all around I/'m having a good time and looking forward to more and I think I/'ll be sad when it/'s over. Vickie/'s gone home, and the three of us are getting along like pigs in a blanket. We all have Tourette/'s. It/'s hotter than hell here.

So, uh, Vancouver was great. The kids were great, they were there for us, you know? I mean, this is a Shellac tour, there/'s no doubt about it; but in Vancouver we were welcomed with open arms. I didn/'t get lucky but then again I didn/'t try, but still I felt privileged. Joel was in town for some reason - I think he was trying to get lucky, too - so we played "Our Secret." Everyone was happy, except for the kid who was about to come in his pants, he just needed to hear Little Sister to make it happen but we couldn/'t help him and besides it was a little creepy, don/'t you think?

The trip to Victoria is a nice one, they/'ve got these ferry boats the size of aircraft carriers which they shovel you on and all the little frenchmen line up to give you finger massages and feed you cherry tomatoes on the sun deck. It/'s bliss. But then you get to Victoria and it/'s sort of pointless. We played at just about the only place in town, the basement bar at some sports-hotel complex with brass everything and leather sofas and everything was green and burgundy, you know, and the room was long and narrow and low so it sounded like we were playing inside of a duffle bag. The kids were few, but appreciative. I had a brief and pleasant encounter with a girl who really steamed my shorts, if you know what I mean. So I do not regret going to Victoria, though why any rock band would ever go twice I do not know.

Okay, more later. The shows are going good, we/'re playing well, the new songs are making more sense, the countryside is beautiful, the van is working, and the three days I/'ve been away from home seems like a week. I/'m looking for adventure, I/'ll let you know what I find.

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