Vancouver, The Starfish Room
Okay I/'ve been drinking and everyone is going to sleep but I wanted to get started. All women in Vancouver have legs as long as lamp posts and everyone is very sexy but the club tonight was not sexually charged. The club last night was charged like that or was it just me? I was with friends, with different friends, and we were out and going nuts and having fun and I ran into another friend at this strange gothic nightclub and she tackled me in the men/'s bathroom, she tackled me and pinned me to the wall and - and - she forced herself on me! It was alright! And I thought, oh this is the beginning of a fantastic debaucherous (I think I spelled that right) tour! But then we get to Vancouver, which is just sex bomb central, and there/'s nothing. Nothing to speak of. I left the stage and Todd Trainer was getting a hideous massage from two psychotic sisters while Steve videotaped them. I pushed myself on a little dark-haired salsa dancer who ran to some fat guy for safety. I have this feeling, which I think everyone/'s had, that I/'ve entered a trial period, not like a review period, but entered a trial like Odysseus, where I/'m going on this trek and when I get back to Seattle I/'ll be a changed man. I do not know if this is true. It/'s fun, though, to leave one life which has a clear definition and enter another which has a very different, though also clear definition. It/'s okay.

I had some horrendous sushi tonight and I shopped. I enjoyed myself but last night I was molested and I preferred it!

Next time I/'ll write when I/'m sober. Forgive me.

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