Chicago, Andy plays at Roby's
Andy played at Roby's in Chicago the other day (June 29th). This is his review of himself:

The acoustic show went pretty well. There was a good turnout, 40-50 people, and many of them knew the Silkworm material. The response was also very gratifying, especially in light of what must have been dreadful sound.

The soundman was shockingly incompetent. He announced cheerfully when [Chris] Fuller and I came in to soundcheck that the PA had no horns. After listening to Fuller trying to soundcheck, and hearing only a muffled version of him coming out over the PA, I told Mr. Sound-dipshit that the joke with the no horns wasn't funny and that he needed to get some horns before anyone else had to play there. Most of the way through my set, there was a loud pop, making me realize that the PA wasn't even on before that point, so the crowd had been hearing the vocals only through the (also) horn-less monitors. If I ever do a show like that again, I'm sure as hell going to check the place out before I agree to play there. You know you've got a grade-A Mr. Sound-dipshit when he can't even remember to turn on the PA. It's also pretty amazing when you have to scream yourself hoarse to hear your vocals over a barely amplified acoustic guitar.

At any rate, after the show the people I talked to said that they enjoyed it despite the sound problems. I hope they ain't lying. Here's the setlist, in no order because I can't remember the order:

New one with 2 verses (new)
I wish I was your mother (MTH)
Ballad of Mott the Hoople (MTH)
Severance Pay
Said it too late
Goin' to Acapulco (BD)
Don't make plans
Scruffy Tumor
Treat the New Guy Right (new)
Never Met a man
Caricature of a Joke
Homecoming song (new)
encore: (yes, they really asked for it) Friday Night

I had a good time. I played much longer than I had planned. Originally I was only going to do 10 songs, but once I got warmed up, there was no stoppin' me, and I sure wasn't going to cut either of those Mott the Hoople songs out.

There you have it. Now get back to work!

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