Chicago, The Empty Bottle
I'm almost jealous of Andy moving here -- today being his first day as an actual Chicago resident. The people here are wonderful and would run through fire to help a friend. It's a great city.

It would be nice if our show was great and rockin and fun for all of us all the time, but I think I'm the only one who had a consistently good time, and even I was brought down by Andy and Tim being either furious or depressed at various moments during the show. The opening band, God How Did So Many People Get Onstage, played for about three hours, and the late night didn't help matters a bit. The technical difficulties (horrible feedback resulting in no vocal monitor whatsoever) forced Tim, like an angry ape or rampaging schoolboy, to smash several onstage items, and the resulting vibe was so demoralizing that Andy crept into his shell and even the most rabid crowd we've encountered thus far, refusing to let us stop playing until 2:30 in the morning with the soundman begging us to stop, was unable to bring him out of it. Tim actually started having fun towards the end of the show, and Andy did a long, sexy dance during whatever that song is called that he does his dance during, so we were groovy and fun for a while at least. As Tim said later, when you expect a show to be great, that's when you're asking for trouble.

We breakfasted with Dianogah and Kip's Mom in one of two waffle houses down the street from The Big House. If I had my way, each time we toured with a band of people we enjoy we'd get together each morning for breakfast. That would be the most fun. It would have been hard to arrange on this trip -- always staying in different towns and all -- but I tell you that would be ideal for me. Of course I love breakfast and that is perhaps part of my motivation.

There's not much else to say. I'll wrap all this up when I get home on Monday.

Okay bye

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