Louisville, Kentucky, TBA
We're staying in the McCabe mansion outside of Louisville. Kip McCabe plays drums for Dianogah and his parents or mom or dad or someone lives or owns this house large enough to sleep about 150 people comfortably. Really! It's huge! It's got a circular driveway and a sculpted babbling brook outside and a wraparound porch, vaulted ceilings with chandeliers, and when you turn the million-dollar stereo every corner of the house yard is filled with music. It's opulent and terrifying and, well, tacky, and we've descended on it like a confused rodents.

We've played Louisville a couple times before but it's been years. I think the most people we ever played to here was two, so we weren't expecting much. Remarkably, there were a few fans on hand, which was a treat, though of course the club was pretty damned empty for a Friday night. We didn't start until about 1:30 in the morning, it's really true! no lies today! so what few people had been lounging around waiting for action were long gone by the time we were ready to rock.

The show was a little goofy. The club is a converted strip joint. Most of the trappings of its past have been erased to some degree, save for the thrilling vibe from the black leather couches in the dressing room and for the runway still attached to the front of the stage. The vibe was fine but the runway was absurd. What do you do with it? There were offers from at least one audience member to do a runway show if we played Severance Pay, but we just didn't have it in us. Besides, he'd been locked out of his apartment by his girlfriend for brazenly defying her wishes and seeing the Silkworm show without her, so he was miserable and drunk as hell and we didn't want to take advantage.

I walked the Louisville waterfront with Jay from Dianogah before the show. It was a nice walk and we were both sorry the two bands hadn't spent more time together on the trip. Silkworm tends to be fairly insular, which could be seen as either good or bad depending on the circumstances. On this trip we've been getting along well and having all sorts of fun together, so I think it's been a good thing. I would have liked to spend more time with the Dianogahs but hell I've had a fine time with my bandmates. It's especially nice as Andy's going to be in Chicago for three years after this trip and we'll never ever see him.

Oh, Andy's new email address is dogrange@yahoo.com. He wanted me to make that known.

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