Somewhere in North Carolina, Davidson College
Andy and James have put on the MTV video countdown so I have to try to concentrate on this and the TV at the same time. Crap. If anything is impossible to understand it's because of the goddamn chili peppers or something.

Davidson the college is just about the most isolated college ever. The population of Davidson the town very nearly doubles when school is in session. The college is a self-contained world if ever there was one: there is a code of conduct specific to the school itself that could not exist anywhere in the outside world. A student pulled up on a slick mountain bike early in the night and left his bike outside the "club," leaving the thing unlocked and unattended for several hours. I thought it was a little odd, but as it turns out there's this unwritten code that nothing is locked up, and nothing is stolen. It was nice. I'm only afraid the poor kids'd get used to it and then wind up being, well, taken advantage of when they enter the horrible thieving world outside. But heck it happens to us all at one time or another.

As a mild education for these sheltered kids, Andy and I rubbed ourselves, crowded subway-style, against each of the women present. Oh, okay, I'm kidding. But I have the feeling that none of the gentlemen at this place ever presented themselves to any of the very attractive women around with anything less than total civility. With this in mind, I threw myself at one very well put-together young gal who was obviously thrilled to death to be approached in such a brash way by a travelling rocker. For some reason she was careful to walk home with a good friend on her arm for protection. Still I think I did the right thing.

The show was all sorts of fun for me. There were about five guys in the front row who were absolutely rabid, singing along and playing along on air drums and rockin' out like mad. It got me all fired up and I had a ball. Andy and Tim had sort of a normal show, and Vicky, who was in back where all the kids who didn't give a shit were ordering and eating their cheesy nacho snacks, didn't like it at all. But me I had a ball.

We spent the day driving through the North Carolina countryside, shopping at cigar outlets and putzing around. All the driving down back roads, didn't prove too fruitful, as this part of the country is in pretty good shape economically. I was looking for tin shacks and banjo pickin' freaks but it was all manicured lawns and big new 4x4s. Crap again!

Tomorrow night is Louisville, then Chicago and that's it. Of course now I'm starting to wish it was going on longer but ain't that always the way.

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