Durham, North Carolina, Duke University
We're heading West now and I'm happy about it. After two weeks the homesickness starts in and I get fidgety.

Duke University is this absurd hot-blooded college with all sorts of tall skinny girls and guys without shirts trying to stay in shape to look good for the skinny girls. The campus is absurd. Andy and I watched the marching band practice and the field hockey team set up and watched hundreds and hundreds of the healthiest joggers in the South pass us by while Andy huffed some huge cigar and I became drenched in sweat, my belly hanging over my belt like a trucker.

The show was a gas. The room was hot and wet. By the time the show was through there was a stream of sweat leading from my feet to the edge of the stage, forming a pool in the front row from which the most attractive girls sauntered tastefully away. I'm sad to lose their attention but I am happy to be staying in Motel 6 in Burlington, watching "When Bears Attack" with James and Andy and feeling homesick.

Sorry for the brevity. It's all the fidgetiness.

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