Baltimore, Maryland, UMBC
We're at the Turf Motel in Laurel, Maryland. Played at UMBC outside of Baltimore tonight. We first thought UMBC stood for University of Men who Break Contracts, but what it really stands for is Whose Idea Was It for Us to Play Baltimore? We played on the UMBC campus in a concrete, glass and linoleum room to a small, attentive crowd of nice kids who probably stuck around more out of boredom and guilt than out of any desire to listen to the goofy music we played. We played all our songs at lullaby volumes to compensate for the horrible PA which gave only a slight nudge to the volume of the vocals. When we started playing it was fairly disheartening, but as the kids and their guilt complexes skulked back into the room it actually became slightly more enjoyable to play, and by the end of Ooh La La I felt like I could keep going for quite a while in this sort of nothin-else-to-do, party-at-the-cafeteria kind of a way. It was alright.

I'm too uninspired to go on. Maybe more in the morning, maybe not. Playing DC tomorrow night. I haven't been sleeping so well but perhaps tonight.

Oh, I should say: went to a Yankees game yesterday, went to dinner at Elias' Corner in Queens, went downtown with Aislinn and fixed her computer, then headed back to Queens, stopping at Coney Island High to swing dance for a while. It was a long exciting Sunday. There may yet be more information here on the subject.

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