Providence, Rhode Island, TBA
We were waiting for the shows to start to suck and they have finally begun. The promoter in Providence was overly nice to us, asking us what we needed and if there was anything -- such as my wanting to have my one free drink before, rather than after, we played -- he'd get right on it. He promised us we weren't going to go on any later than 1:00, which was pretty good for a 4 band bill starting at 10:30 or so. The surly bartenders were paid more every hour than all four bands combined for the night.

I was going nuts before the show and got it out by spending some time in the sleaziest video peep show I've seen in quite a while. There were about seven guys in the back room who waited for unsuspecting patrons like myself to enter some video booth and not lock the door, which is exactly what I did. After a minute or so the sleaziest of the assembled mob opened the door behind me and mumbled, Barry White-style, "how ya doin?" I screamed "go away!" and slammed and locked the door. Throughout my stay the guys tried the door about every minute or so. It was horribly unsettling, but I was driven and stayed my course.

It was a good thing, too. There was some sort of indie rock cheerleaders convention going on in the club which ended as soon as we hit the stage. We were left to play to a group of attentive and rabid male fans who looked an awful lot like us. I can take it fine and all but I did wish some of the cheerleaders had stuck around. The most enjoyable parts of the show were when Andy would turn to me, smile, and ask rhetorically, "What am I doing here?" It was the only thing to inspire me in a long night of drowsiness and tragically fulfilled low expectations.

Okay, that's a little harsh. It can be strange to play in a not-so-hot (for us) town on a Saturday night, since all the kids come to the club but they're only their to get wrecked and lean against each other on the way out. Playing last on a night like this is never much of a pleasure, and really, there were quite a few appreciative folks who stuck around, which made it pretty nice. We just weren't particularly inspired.

Our day was all sorts of fun. We had a late breakfast at Matt and Megan's, then drove to Danvahs to look at the witch house. Vicky trembled noticeably when we arrived and by the time we left she was in convulsions. Tim talked her down by singing "Earth Angel" softly in 'til she stopped shaking and slept peacefully.

She woke just in time for yet another excellent meal in Boston, this time Mexican food which made me a little delirious. I've been eating well the last few days and if all goes well it'll continue for at least the next day or so. It's an exciting change after all the boiled deep-fry of the Midwest.

Tomorrow we're in New York, seeing a Yankees game and relaxing. Maybe I'll skip the journal for once and give myself a real day off.

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