Cambridge, Massachusetts, Matt's
We've stayed up late with Matt and Megan, sipping tequila, swapping tour stories and watching the pets. We're considering putting together a band and calling Princeton to see if they'll give us $5,000 for a one-night show but there's just no time.

Did I forget to mention that tonight's show, Clark University in Worcester, was cancelled? The kid didn't even call us, we had to call him to get the news. So today was a day off, which we spent driving to Danvers (prounounced "danvahs") to track down a house once owned by Vicky's great-great-great-great-great aunt who was hanged as a witch in 1648 or so. We found the house but couldn't take the tour as it's the off season, so we'll go tomorrow. Danvahs isn't far, it's about a 20 mile drive and really the weather has been great so it's alright to take a drive.

We ate Afghani food tonight. I could write this whole thing about one my appetizer, a "baby pumpkin" with some sort of creamy sauce, a sweet sauce, and a beef sauce. It was magnificent. It had that taste that good food has, a new combination of different tastes which combine to make a totally different taste that makes sense. It was so good, oh it was yummy.

It's such a pleasure to spend time with people who are sophisticated and intelligent but who are as foul mouthed as truckers. There's nothing better. I think that's why I like being in Silkworm, because everyone's intelligent and interesting and utterly depraved. I think it's something about Montana and Texas (where Matt and Megan are from) and rock&roll that brings the sailor out of the finest folks. I wholeheartedly support this sort of thing.

Tonight I may be able to sleep for quite some time. This is a miracle.

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