Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Middle East
Once again, I'm starting this way too late at night. We're at Matt Kadane's in Boston, an apartment full of lovely things and strange animals.

We're being coddled on this trip in every way. It started off seeming like we were going to get kicked in the pants for three weeks, but it's turned into a delight. We're being treated so well, the shows are successful and everyone is being nice to us. The show in Boston was a good show, it was really very good. You may have some idea of just how unusual that is. In the thirty or so times we've played in Boston, we've played to a total of about thirty people, which is not so good. Tonight the place was crowded and everyone was singing along. They were singing along to new songs, which is nice to see. Andy did his dance again, which though it will get old soon was certainly a joy for everyone in the room. Fun! These shows are fun.

The main problem I've been having is with sleep. I get none. I get a few hours a night and then I try to drive all the time but I haven't slept and I'm useless. Useless! But then I stay up writing these damned things and it only gets me in trouble. Oh, but I think I've been eating well... not today, but I've had Sushi and some other very good things, actuall I had a nice lunch today with the folks from Matador and I expect I will eat more good things before the trip is through. I'll keep you posted.

The Boston folks were a joy. One fellow, Paul, said "I'm a big fan" and offered to buy me a beer. I said no thanks and he asked if I'd save his seat 'til he got back from the bar. Somehow that was so simple and charming, you know, no trembling excitement but truly a fan, and hell he offered to buy me a beer. Very nice.

The narrowest sky-blue-eyed cat has leapt to my lap. It's scary to touch this cat because it seems she'll break but she's a charmer. I will do all I can to convince her to sleep with me. This should not be a problem as cats cannot resist my odor.

A striking thing about the audience here in Boston, and our audiences in general, is the number of boys present. I am hoping that we'll someday be deemed sexy and the girls will line up outside, crowd the front row and stare with goo-goo eyes. Not necessarily so I'll get lucky; more for a change of scenery.

See, when I'm so sleepy I just leap from subject to subject. It is now time for bed.

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