Cleveland, Ohio, The Euclid Tavern
Just waking up at Johnny K's in Cleveland, Monday morning.

On Saturday night I slept and I dreamed. What a joy! I dreamed that my ex-girlfriend had a pair of spiritually significant trained leeches. They were mine to care for and the responsibility made me nervous.

We've decided to ditch the Valiant and rent a mini-van. It's not so rock & roll as the Valiant, but the weather is hot and it's only getting hotter and the five of us in the Valiant really were starting to stink. And really, the drive from Butte was rock & roll enough to prop up my self-respect for at least a month.

Our shows in Cleveland have always sucked. We've played Cleveland about two hundred times and less people have come to see us each time. We played the Euclid a few years back and were harassed by drunks & drug addicts to the point that we ended the night huddled in the Suburban, frightened, comforting each other while we waited for the 300-pound promoter to give us the $23 we were owed.

This time Cleveland was much better. There were all sorts of boys and girls there. Dianogah played a fine show. The stage in the Euclid used to be on the side of the main room so drunks would stand beside you mid-rock song and say "hey you fuckers! you fuckers are fuckers!" but now the stage has been moved to the end of the room and the sound system is big and strong.

We played pretty well. The shows will keep improving, I'm sure. Last night was good but it was nothing to write home about, unless, you know, you happen to be writing home anyway. I was going to throw myself at the mercy of the young gal at the door but I whimped out. Vicky chastised me for not hitting on chicks so after today I'll have to rise to the challenge.

Sorry there's nothing too thrilling to report. Actually, there is something. By the end of every show I'm tired. By the time I'm going to bed I'm tired to the point of collapse. I don't know if it's due to the strange adventures & sleep deprivations of this particular trip or if it's because I'm gradually becoming an old man. I think it's mainly the former but if I'm still a wreck in a week I'll start to get suspicious.

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