Butte, Montana, The Capri Motel
Not much to write about today. Butte is like a truck stop. People here are truck stop people. I'm sorry, that sounds bad. Ha ha! The town is, you know, sorta trashy. But please understand that the architecture is alarmingly lovely and well-preserved. There is a perfectly restored 24-room turn-of-the-century victorian mansion overlooking Butte which is available for $180,000. Perhaps it can be disassembled and moved to a different location which has perhaps a little more... culture.

Today we cancelled the Champagne show. We're hoping we can make the Chicago show on Saturday. This is no good. I was excited about this tour and this tour journal but as it is I'm writing about days spent in the Capri hotel in Butte. James and I played eighteen holes of golf today. I ate "chicken fried chicken" for dinner. We played some pool and had some drinks.

Oh, I wish I had more to say. Oh, I wish we were really on tour rather than doing what we're doing. I've started getting cabin fever and have asked everyone to be nice to me. If they're mean I fear I may break. Hopefully tonight I'll sleep better -- the beds here are not ideal.

I do hope to have more to say tomorrow.

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