Missoula, Montana, Jay's Upstairs
I wished for days that made my life seem longer, and my wish has indeed come true.

If this all seems a little off-kilter, please forgive me. I am very very tired. I got to bed late, woke up early, did some last minute chores and then everyone showed up and we left... oh never mind I won't go into so much detail I am too tired. I was at the club after the show and people would come up and talk to me but what came out of my mouth was so absurd I had to keep apologizing. At one point during the show I closed my eyes in concentration but opened them quickly when I realized I was starting to fall asleep.

The story is, we started to smell something funny in the van, sort of a sulfur smell, as we hit Snoqualmie Pass. We pulled over but could find nothing wrong, but the stink stayed and got worse. Finally I noticed clouds of white smoke pouring out the back of the van, and we all started swearing loudly. We pulled off in Ellensburg, stopped at a gas station, and were shocked to find oil pouring out of the rear axel and oil covering the back of the van and the front of Andy's gargantuan U-haul trailer. We made a few phone calls and swore alot.

We found a Texaco station that fixed our massive car trauma in two hours for seventy dollars. Can you believe it? They replaced some seal or another. I could not believe it. It was like God intervened. It was such an odd day. We passed a brush fire, so hot we felt the heat through the closed van windows; we passed a squashed BMW, and later we passed a semi truck which had caught fire and was burned to the point that all we saw was a gray hull, a radiator and part of the rear of the cab and nothing else, not even the engine was left. Everything was fire today. But somehow we made it to Missoula by 11:00, got our crap set up and played an enjoyable set. The crowd was part fans and part surly ugly drunks. Andy introduced Ritz Dance by saying, "You've all heard of Ritz Crackers, right? Well, you're all too young to know this, but there used to be a fancy hotel in New York called the Ritz, and that's what this song is about." I laughed and laughed. Everyone left.

It's now three in the morning and I am so sleepy. This has been a long day and tomorrow we start our drive to Omaha. I wasn't sure before but now I think this will be fun.

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