Seattle, Ein Heit Practices in My Basement

The first Ein Heit rehearsal went off without a hitch. The bizarre feeling of playing Little Sister after 4 years of not playing Little Sister was erased pretty quickly because it was SO FUCKING LOUD. Joel mentioned at one point how his head had sort of imploded, how everything was going along just fine, then suddenly, there was this strange sucking feeling, and everything sort of sunk in... I'm sure you know what he means.

Anyhow, it was generally a gas. We practiced for four hours, the neighbors didn't complain, the songs went pretty well. Joel could remember stuff that I'd long forgotten. Some things were a little rusty but generally everything was better than I thought it would be. We played Raised By Tigers, and Couldn't You Wait in the old arrangement, and even a bunch of Ein Heit songs. It was a hoot.

We have one more rehearsal with just the four of us, then John K. gets here for a Friday night rehearsal before the Saturday night show. I think we'll be okay.


The second Ein Heit rehearsal actually saw us leave the basement before the sun was down. Joel, Tim, Andy and I were joined this time by Tom Kipp, who played his Moog through Andy's ancient little Fender after Andy's million dollar amp blew up.

It was pretty much a covers practice -- Limelight, Diane, When The Levee Breaks, and then of course the old Ein Heit songs which may as well be covers, I mean these songs are old as the hills. But practice was smooth. Limelight needs work. Some of the older songs will come together at Friday's practice. Oh, and we messed around with Written On the Wind, which Joel was aching to play. It was a little rough. I'm sure that, on the 9th, it will sound like angels singing.

I'll try to get a decent tape made of the show, so I can put some comical moments up here. There should be a few.


The third and final (discounting the sound check, which we're all relying on pretty heavily) Ein Heit rehearsal brought John Kappes to the basement, all the way from Cleveland. Tom picked him up at the airport, and the two of them arrived pretty close to ten o'clock, which is really pretty late for my poor neighbors to listen to all that shrieking racket. But we sat around and had some beer and talked, Tom filled me in on some band history, then we went downstairs & played a few songs. Limelight is turning into some serious theatrical shit. There's this old Ein Heit song, I can't remember the name, but it's funky and spooky and sounds good. Earlier in the evening Joel, Tim, Andy and I went over a bunch of stuff which actually sounded pretty reasonable. We played "Scruffy Tumors," which was a hoot & will sound better tomorrow night, I'm sure. Oh, hell, I'm going to go. I'll have more to say after the show. I got some yams on the stove and I am very tired.

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