San Francisco,
We're staying at our friend Tom's house. He's got a new deck with a view of the city and roommates that are somehow never home, and he seems to actually enjoy having us around, which is thrilling for me, cuz I'm pretty damned footsore. Vicky said last night that this trip had gone by pretty quickly for her, but oh not me. I swear I've aged six months in one. It's been enjoyable, but oh it's just crept by.

We made the right decision yesterday and tossed James out. He was napping in back, leaning against the side door, drooling & muttering sadly to himself; I popped the automatic lock, tim pulled the handle, Vicky gave the poor guy a good boot in the ribs, & he was gone. I slowed down for it so I'm sure he's alright. It was such a relief, I can't tell you. We immediately burst into song.

P.S. just kidding, we dropped him at his mom's in Berkeley

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