Playing at the Argo tonight.

I can't tell you what a nightmare it is, trying to find computers in bumfuck towns across the country. I stopped into this frightening place down the street from this club we're playing at ("by donation," supposedly. give me a fucking break, we're trying to be professionals!) & asked the most spaced-out hippy-types i've seen in years where I might find a computer, & boy did they give me shoddy directions. So I started walking in the swarthy Texas mist, & I walked & walked & I tell you, some towns just don't give a damn about people who have to walk. Raleigh was the same way: sidewalks begin & end & begin again at totally random intervals. It's absurd & frustrating.

So I'm all pissed off now because this place I finally found is closing in 5 minutes or something. Goddamn.

I forgot to mention two things: one, it was Tim & Vicky's 5th wedding anniversary about a week ago, an event we celebrated with subtlety. Two, while driving through Georgia we passed a church, located in a garage in the back of a used-car dealership, called "the Holy Ghost Explosion Ministries." I thought that was just fine.

We played in Talahassee -- our first show since Pavement life -- to a limited audience, with a horrendous sound system. It was sad, but let me tell you the weather was glorious, the nights in Florida are balmy and lush and the crickets chirp like mad & oh it's just charming. We stayed at a Motel 6 & drank more Maker's Mark & had a little party. A kindly misguided fellow at the club told me it'd take us 16 hours to get to Austin, but I'm a leadfooted motherfucker & we got there in twelve, stopping at LICATA'S RESTAURANT & SEAFOOD MARKET in COVINGTON, LOUISIANA for a meal that defies description. It's crayfish season, & all-you-can-eat crawdads are $8.95; for this, they start you off with a six pound tray (about 40 crayfish), which takes a healthy eater about 25 minutes to brutally rip apart & devour; James & Tim were the two who ordered this horrifying meal, & each went through ten pounds of these gruesome little things in about an hour. It was sickening; I had the barbecued shrimp, & I was squealing with delight. We were all sqealing. We went in back & saw the hundred and hundreds of pounds of living crawdads they had in storage, and we wept.

Austin was a pleasure. The weather is so lovely there. There were many ex-Seattleites in attendence, all in town for the weather; one young woman said, "it's like Seattle, only the weather's better. I got so depressed in Seattle." She said this, and I kid you not, she looked out the window and fell silent. 1/2 an hour later, as I left, I saw that she was still staring blankly out the window! Shit! Anyhow we left, & Andy, James & I stayed with our good pal Josh & his charming & lovely girlfriend Beth, while Tim & Vicky drove off into the night to spend a second honeymoon rolling in the desert sands amongst the scorpions & snakes... James finished off the whiskey, staying up 'til 5:00 AM, swimming nude in the pool & screaming at the poor neighborhood girls....

They're giving me the boot. I'm surprised they let me stay so long.

We're really in the desert after today. I'll write more as soon as I can --

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