College Park,
Washington DC is a depressing town. It's really a depressing place. It's fucked up. It's a horribly impoverished place, the streets are fucked up, it's scary to drive around in (we were in a relatively good part of town). I'm sure there are decent parts of town, and the city is predominately black which scares me, but I think it really is a basically depressing town. So last night I got all depressed. It was a little frustrating. I couldn't talk, I couldn't do anything, I just wanted to sit around and stare. Which is what I did. I even did it while we played our show. I didn't know what was going on. Have you ever watched a duck in action? They have a constantly perplexed look on their faces, a look of perplexion and surprise at everything that occurs. If they're sitting on the ground, they seem surprised; if they eat food, it's a surprise; if they suddenly fly somewhere, and land in the water maybe, they'll be in the water, looking around like, "how did I get here?" That's what I was like during our set; a song would start, & I'd be playing it, & I'd know what the changes were, what to do where, but I couldn't say how I knew. & when the song ended, it'd always catch me unawares -- though I knew when to end it. It was absurd; and of course, Vicky, James, and all the Pavements said it was our best show of the tour. I suppose it may have been. I certainly wouldn't know, I was on another planet.

The DC crowd acted like it was watching a fucking filibuster. They stared, they were attentive, but I kept thinking they were going to nod off at any moment. they woke up some for Shudder to Think, though, and were almost lively during Pavement, who played well & had a spectacular ending, with Bob swinging Eddie-Vedderesque from the highest rafters, falling finally into Steve West's arms just as Chelsea Clinton leapt from the crowd in a silver g-string, wrestling SM to the stage, tearing off his tennis shoes, sucking on his sweat-soaked socks like a ravenous lamprey....

Tonight we're in Baltimore. I'm trying to get ahold of an old girlfriend from Seattle, then from Chicago, and now from Baltimore, who's now a single mom. I'll let you know how that goes.

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